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Dec 18, 2018

Mike H and Gage W discuss the Indians various acquisitions to date in the off-season.

Dec 13, 2018

Dave and Dylan are BACK! They needed a week of rest, but are back and better than ever, and like Baker Mayfield they have some SCORES TO SETTLE! Listen up to hear about the Panthers game, a preview of the Broncos game, and find out why two Cleveland Sports Personalities (CSPs) have taken things TOO FAR!

Nov 30, 2018

Dave and Dylan go back to basics with no gimmicks for this week's episode. Great Browns news, The Baker's Dozen, and a good dose of Texas roster fun make this the ONLY podcast you need to be ready for this weeks game.

Nov 23, 2018

Craig said we had to do a draft special and we never did. We were hoping that Craig wouldn't notice, but he did notice so here we are.  So we called a friend of ours, Chris Clem, who has NEVER been on the podcast before to help us evaluate the 2018 draft.  Then we preview the matchup with the Bengals and preview the...

Nov 16, 2018

Hello, this is head coach Gregg Williams, it's the bye week so I gave Dylan and Dave the week off, I snuck into Nathan Zegura's office, and I figured out how to make the Friday Fumble myself. So enjoy getting Mad Man Frank's thoughts on the win over the Falcons and Devon Cajuste as always. Dave and Dylan will be back...