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Oct 11, 2013

This week was light on podcasts because my life got in the way, but I still got Casual Friday in with Denny.

Field Turf fields and how novel they were when Denny was in high school
The cost of putting in a field turf field
Co-ed sports and rag-tag teams that are tossed together
Denny’s egregious foul
Denny getting chippy with the competition
Playing rec leagues for charity
Pink in the NFL for awareness
The awareness arms race
The ribbon shaped bagels at Panera
The Microsoft Office Live yellow commercial scroll looked like flags
XBox and video game platforms
Mobile gaming vs. MP3 players
FLAC files and OGG Vorbis files
The console gaming industry that slows down the PC gaming industry
Diablo 2 and Medal of Honor
Chief Wahoo article on WFNY by Andrew
Denny and why his not understanding Craig’s post about Stevie
Facebook commenters don’t read posts and just comment
The cost of changing with the Indians
The Rock and Roll Half Marathon and being pumped up for your friends
Denny’s lack of marathon training
Matt Schaub and fans chasing him down