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Sep 13, 2013

Another week of Casual Friday in the books talking to Denny. We talked about away fans, Apple (the company,) home construction, brand rivalries and preferred vacation styles.

The Browns playing in Baltimore and Denny’s lack of desire to go to the game
Away team gear in a foreign stadium
Away fan cheering and the desire for confrontation
Women walking around without fear of physical confrontation
The chain home depot vs. the neighborhood hardware store
Fixing a cracking roof
Old school roof tarring
Using safety equipment doesn’t make you a wuss
How old is a house with plaster walls?
Plaster is more artistry than it is technical know-how
Vacation preferences… Resort or rental house?
Resort experiences
Acting like you’re a local when you’re on vacation
Watching movies on the way down is selfish for parents
Being underwhelmed by the iPhone announcement and Apple
TV technology will continue to underwhelm
iPad mini and what to get when you get frozen by specs
How important is the retina display?
How much time we spend arguing and parsing technological decisions
Where does the brand rivalry come from and where is it perpetuated?
Totino’s pizza rolls
Having access to a deep fryer in your house
Craig nearly setting his house on fire
J Roddy Walston and the Business