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Jul 31, 2015

Denny and Craig used to talk every week. Now it's twice a year, but it's still fun.

  • Are you a non-nanny or nanny person?
  • Vacationing with children to beaches is not relaxing
  • Going to the zoo and to mini golf and managing children
  • The race against naptime
  • The difference between having fun and the sense of accomplishment of keeping kids interested
  • Brother's rivalry and what happens when the younger one is better
  • Denny goes to Foo Fighters at RFK Stadium
  • Going to a Radiohead party
  • Fourth of July in a big city versus the suburbs
  • Rating the Foo Fighters doing a live show
  • What would it be worth it to see your favorite band in the venue of your choice?
  • Hop Along playing a free show at the Rock Hall
  • Going to see The Hotelier
  • Checking in on the running game
  • Running marathons
  • Realizing that you're officially out of your 20's
  • Sports talk and how we don't talk about it