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Jul 23, 2013

A nice little journey that had very little to do with RIPD.

  • RIPD and Kevin Bacon being hidden from the trailer
  • Hippies and why anyone would choose to be an archetype
  • Hipsters and hippies and emos and punks
  • Brian judges Craig unfairly
  • Town Hall in Ohio City
  • Brian’s judgement of his people in the theater
  • Kid making phone calls in a movie theater and begging for a tongue lashing
  • The movie will be on TNT for years to come
  • Leans on the same jokes throughout the film
  • Looking at Men in Black comparisons, making them and still feeling badly about it
  • Envy starring Jack Black and Brian’s script that got him an agent
  • Ryan Reynolds in The Proposal
  • The movie looked very good but I thought they were in Washington D.C.
  • Mary-Louise Parker and having a crush on her
  • Orange is the new Black and how much Brian liked it
  • Orphan Black on BBC America
  • Christian Slater and how he can’t carry a TV show
  • Craig loves Untamed Heart
  • Fringe and Jen’s appearance
  • British shows knowing how to end
  • The X-Men movies and how much Craig liked them
  • X-Men first class
  • Captain America
  • Citizen Kane and the Magnificent Ambersons
  • The blood spatters on the camera during Children of Men