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Jul 28, 2015

In the second Andrew podcast of the week, we discussed the football and music things. We discussed Braxton Miller and his switch to receiver. We discussed Ezekiel Elliott and then we talked about Terrelle Pryor and some music.

  • Braxton Miller becomes a receiver
  • Braxton Miller didn't transfer to USC or anywhere else
  • Did Braxton Miller's shoulder not heal well enough to continue at QB?
  • What can we expect from Braxton Miller as a wide receiver or H back?
  • Braxton Miller will be able to get open in college
  • Braxton Miller bridging Ohio State history thru the Luke Fickell year
  • Is it a college coach's job to prepare a player for the NFL or just win games?
  • Ezekiel Elliott vs. Eddie George vs. Maurice Clarett vs. Beanie Wells
  • Terrelle Pryor starting at a wide receiver
  • Are there any expectations for Pryor and the Browns this year?
  • Will Terrelle Pryor be willing to play special teams?
  • Will Pryor's ego allow him to succeed as a utility player in the NFL?
  • Brian Spaeth's war on "gravy" in sports conversations
  • Expectations for the Browns in 2015?
  • The Browns receivers and the Josh Gordon cloud
  • Craig expects more of the Tribe than the Browns
  • Andrew loves Titus Andronicus like crazy
  • Hip Hop used to be the story of life not fame
  • The documentary Hype about Seattle and pre-grunge Seattle
  • The rock and roll dreams and landing on more reasonable dreams in middle age