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Oct 26, 2013

Craig and Andrew love music. They also love to support the musicians who make that music. That's why it's so very frustrating to have a legal option like Spotify and then find out that some of their favorite artists like Radiohead and David Bazan have serious and real problems with the business model. On the one hand, it's a business model, which seems like a better scenario than the Napster free music days. On the other hand, if it isn't working for small and medium sized artists, how do you fix it?

The business of music and Spotify
New music versus legacy songs
Compensating artists at subsistence or better level and how to do it
Old music industry and winning the lottery
Excluding labels from the profits
Is Spotify good for artists?
Perfecting the model without burning down technology
If Death Cab had come out in the early 80’s would they be U2?