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Mar 28, 2016

We'll never bring back the summer movie podcast completely, but we'll still find occasion to get together with Brian Spaeth and talk about movies. Batman v Superman is one of those occasions, especially considering the amount of conversations we had over the years about the first Superman installment by Zack Snyder, Man of Steel.

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  • Batman v Superman
  • Man of Steel and how much Brian hated it
  • If this was the only Superman that was ever going to be made it would piss you off
  • Superman is like the Cleveland Browns
  • Comparing Superman to the Temptations
  • Superman is just a good person except in Zack Snyder's world
  • The overbearing style of Zack Snyder
  • The dream sequences?
  • A PG-13 movie that really was R-rated
  • Superman and how many times it will be rebooted
  • If you kill Superman in a movie and Brian doesn't react you've done something wrong
  • Nobody actually believes Superman is dead
  • A forgettable movie about iconic characters
  • X-Men and the new Civil War movie
  • Superman as a period movie
  • Batman leaking into Superman and not ripping off Marvel
  • Iron Man and how Marvel created the gravity around him
  • Clark Kent is barely a character opposite Superman