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Feb 27, 2017

The Cleveland Indians have not only reported, they're playing spring training games. It's a great time to try and put into perspective just how exciting the anticipation is for this year's Cleveland Indians team. Does it rival the best teams of the 90's that we remember? Is it as good as the anticipation for 2008 after the Indians' deep run? 

Obviously we hope it turns out better than 2008, but I make the case that while nothing is guaranteed, this might be the best chance at repeat playoff appearances at least since the 90's and maybe it's even better.

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In addition to the Indians, I discussed the 2017 NFL draft, the Browns analysis of Jimmy Garoppolo and the idea of NFL draft experts doing press conferences for other media and creating headlines. 

Lasty, I discussed the disconnect between the Oscars and the actual box office receipts of the most popular movies of every year.

Feb 23, 2017

Dave Sterling and Andrew Schnitkey are talking Cavaliers mostly. But before they do, they spend some time attacking Craig.

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  • Throwing Craig under the bus over Hello Fresh.
  • Andrew is a flat-earther
  • Dave is also a flat-earther
  • Nervous about games that have already been played.
  • Richard Jefferson’s two big Christmas dunks
  • Cavs trade scenarios.
  • And finally, Dave and Andrew talk about The Americans!
Feb 22, 2017

It's been a bit since I spoke to Mike from Bottlegate on the podcast. He comes back to discuss the sports media landscape, the Cleveland Cavaliers at the trade deadline and the Cleveland Browns draft situation.

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  • The grind of running a sports blog
  • Bottlegate's celebration video and the need to keep doing it
  • Sports content on social media and skipping the blog altogether
  • Where sports blogging goes next
  • What does the biggest independent site
  • Who's the best Cleveland Browns reporter?
  • How does The Athletic work?
  • Does Bottlegate make any money?
  • Do the Cavaliers need to do make a move at the trade deadline?
  • Carmelo Anthony and whether he makes the Cavaliers better
  • J.J. Hickson and the idea of players being their best in Cleveland
  • Did LeBron want the Cavaliers to keep Delly
  • Not being able to talk about the Cleveland Indians all that much
  • Should Andrew Miller pitch in the WBC?
  • Kyrie and the Olympics
  • Luol Deng played with the Cavaliers
  • Paul Kruger and who was leading the front office
  • Do the Browns want to trade for Jimmy G?
  • Middle linebacker is a huge need
  • How do you feel about the Browns' front office?
  • The NFL prolonged our agony
  • Enough of the trade downs and just draft the guy!
  • trading for Jimmy Garoppolo
  • formulating a qb plan
Feb 21, 2017

There aren't many question marks when you take into account the Cleveland Indians' roster. While the infield is as locked as any in Major League Baseball, the outfield still has some potential for turmoil. Will Michael Brantley be healthy at any point in 2017? Can Tyler Naquin continue his big rookie campaign? Is the Lonnie Chisenhall/Brandon Guyer (Guyer-Hall? ChisGuy?) platoon in right the anchor of the outfield? Is Abraham Almonte the most pivotal outfielder? Can Austin Jackson make the roster? Will Yandy Diaz make the team out of camp? What about Greg Allen and Bradley Zimmer? WFNY's Mike Hattery and Jim Pete dive into the complex discussion in today's EHC podcast.

Catch up on the positional previews: Catcher |  First Base |  Second Base |  Third Base | Shortstop

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  • Hattery continues his full court press to get Conway's Irish Ale on the full-time menu @GLBC_Cleveland. Jim makes a case for @aviatorbrew in Raleigh, NC to do the same with McGritty's
  • There are a lot of solid players out there, and a ton of depth
  • Are the Indians looking at the low salary guys in the OF as a way to counterbalance their high-cost players elsewhere?
  • Terry Francona and his slow burn Spring Training, that won't end at the beginning of April
  • Francona is really good at finding the right guys at the right time
  • 9-man outfield, with a sweeper
  • Will Lindor play rover?
  • Will Michael Brantley even be a factor in 2017, and Brantley hot takes ensue...
  • Santana in left field?'s not our #hottake
  • The Chisenhall and Guyer platoon, with both being discussed as potential center field options
  • Chisenhall's short leash, and how Tyler Naquin could mean the end for Lonnie
  • The center field mystery: Naquin? Almonte? Austin Jackson? Yandy Diaz? Greg Allen? Bradley Zimmer?
  • The Indians and a roster that is massively flexible
  • Allen/Naquin...Almonte/Diaz...Guyer/Chisenhall...platoon city?
  • The over/under on the outfield, and Jim goes insane...and I even give Nomina credit
  • Diaz/Allen/Zimmer...who gets the most?
  • Is Zimmer the better side of the baseball mirror with Tyler Naquin? How much can Jim and Mike undersell Zimmer?
  • Greg Allen brings a skill to the table that nobody else in the outfield has...and that's straight up defense
  • Drew Stubbs comps?
  • Grady Sizemore help...helping Zimmer, Naquin and Allen
  • All in on Greg Allen
  • Good breaks, but can't make reads? #hottake #idiocy
  • The Indians pitching sets up well, both in the rotation an the pen, to have their best defenders in the infield


  • We don't have Collin Cowgill...we have Austin Jackson #upgrade
Feb 20, 2017

I covered this on Friday in my WWW, but I needed to talk it out some more. I won't be disappointed if the Browns stand pat and just take Myles Garrett, but I've been thinking a lot about strategy versus practitioners. A lot of the reasoning for not trading down is due to the Browns under previous management making bad selections. How much should that stinging history impact our analysis of existing scenarios and options? In essence, if you have bad management, that doesn't negate good strategy even if they botch it.

Also, I discuss Demarcus Cousins getting traded away from Sacramento for nothing. Kyrie Irving and LeBron James represented Cleveland in the All-Star game, nothing really happened, and that's alright.

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Feb 16, 2017

Dave, Dylan and Yaz are back for this week's episode of the Hot Sports Boys! We're skipping the hot takes and talking about important sports topics. After the ending of the Super Bowl we all have some strong feelings about overtime. We break down various sports overtimes and pick our favorites. After that we talk about a few other things so stick around. If you love this episode, tweet at us @FridayFumble, if you hate this episode, tweet at us @FridayFumble.

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Feb 14, 2017

The Cleveland Browns are basically on the clock. The Cavaliers are limping toward the All-Star break. The Indians are just beginning in Arizona. We discuss sports media, Kevin Durant vs. LeBron in terms of returning to their former cities, and much more with Will Burge of WTAM.

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  • Kevin Durant in Oklahoma City
  • LeBron returning to Cleveland
  • Media egging on fans and then criticizing them
  • Creating news out of analysis
  • ESPN analysts creating the news
  • Setting an agenda on the radio for a day
  • Aaron Goldhammer and how he runs a radio station
  • Dan LeBatard and how his show is structured
  • Bleacher Report and moving away from user-submitted content
  • Bleacher Report layoffs and how they've progressed
  • Slide shows and how they've moved to "legit" media properties
  • Trying to figure out where the industry is going next
  • Trying to make sense of Skip Bayless
  • The NFL treating local media like cancer
  • Ranking the commissioners of all pro sports leagues
  • Roger Goodell and the Browns
  • Did the Browns get it right this time?
  • Not being excited for the number one pick
  • Jimmy Garappolo and whether the Browns should get him
  • Trading a 2018's first round pick for Jimmy Garappolo
  • The Q renovations and greater Cleveland congregation to protest
  • Dan Gilbert and how the renovations will get done
Feb 10, 2017

Dave Sterling is back from California and we're back talking life and sports and things.

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  • California and an in 'n out burger next to LAX
  • What is In 'n Out burger like?
  • Secret menus and how bad they are
  • Learning to fly airplanes
  • Shake Shack coming to Cleveland
  • B Spot vs. Flip Side
  • Meal delivery services
  • Planning meals for the week
  • Charles Oakley and what happened in New York with the Knicks
  • Sensitivity in jokes and fake news
  • The Knicks and how New York thinks they're so great
  • Celebrating failures of New York
  • Hating on New York
  • Phil Jackson and LeBron's relationship
  • People getting emo when LeBron leaves
  • Craig has been writing at WFNY over 21% of his life
  • Being 20 years out of high school
Feb 9, 2017

Andrew and Craig got together to talk about sports. We speak of Tom Brady, GOATs, and other things.

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  • Hello Fresh vs. Blue Apron in a non-commercial
  • Portion control and having perfect ingredient checks
  • GOAT and Mount Rushmore
  • Tom Brady vs. Peyton Manning and Aaron Rodgers
  • Gayle Sayers vs. Emmitt Smith
  • Trying to rank quarterbacks with the NFL being a team game
  • Jim Kelly vs. John Elway
  • If Peyton Manning played in New England, would he have won more Super Bowls?
  • Ozzie Newsome and being lost to the era
  • Bernie Kosar and loving him as a Browns fan
  • Watching Al Bubba Baker playing basketball
  • Watching Kenny Lofton play rock and jock
  • LeBron James, David Griffin, Ty Lue, and their chats
  • Ty Lue telling LeBron he needed to do more in Game 7
  • Frank Isola chasing his feelings
  • Lying versus being wrong
  • LeBron is the most powerful player in league history since Michael Jordan
  • Does Carmelo Anthony help the Cavaliers?
  • The Cavaliers and their "defense"
  • LeBron James and his minutes
  • LeBron James has changed his regular season style as well
  • For the Cavaliers, Defense is a choice
Feb 8, 2017

The EHC Podcast is proud to introduce to you an intense battle at shortstop for your Cleveland Indians! Okay, that's all a lie. This podcast is simply Jim Pete and Mike Hattery finding different and strange ways to say amazing things about Francisco Lindor, who at 22, is already creating a "once-in-a-generation" legacy, if all things remain equal. We talk Indians depth in the organization, with Jose Ramirez, Yu-Cheng Chang, Willie Castro and Ivan Castillo, and ponder Omar Vizquel's Hall of Fame run, vs. Lindor's already two stout seasons.

Catch up on the positional previews:

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1:45--Mike continues his ongoing rally to force Great Lakes Brewing to keep Conway's Irish Ale on the docket year round, and equally tries to find a friend to have a burger with.

3:00--Erik Gonzalez...the Defender of the Universe

5:15--Can we talk about Francisco Lindor as a generational player, THE superstar of this winning era for the Indians yet?


7:45--20/20 Lindor

9:45--Five-Tool Lindor

10:35--Mike begins to amp up for an Omar Vizquel Hall of Fame fight...Jim doesn't bite...

11:42--Is Lindor already better than Omar Vizquel?

14:25--Lindor--is he the Indians version of Derek Jeter (and..the commencement of the ridiculous comps)

16:30--Improve power should push Lindor over the 7+ WAR ceiling

18:00--Lindor seems to fix his weaknesses, which ultimately enhances the rest of his game...and...he has a sweet jumper.


20:00--Yu-Cheng Chang...and what's so special?

21:30--Chang is undervalued, Willie Castro, and Ivan Castillo

22:47--The Indians just sorta get the middle infield, and have for awhile

23:10--Does Chang profile to the corners in the infield and the outfield?

23:40--The flex-player as a market inefficiency

24:10--The Ben Zobrist model, and how the Indians and Terry Francona are set to take advantage

25:50--Omar Vizquel and the Hall of just won't go away..

26:40--Let's Argue...whining and moaning...and how Jeff Nomina recently had his ass handed to him (Mike paid me to say that)

Feb 6, 2017

With the NFL season officially in the rearview mirror, we decided to waste zero time in shifting our focus to the upcoming NFL Draft. In doing so, we are very excited to have been joined by CBS Sports draft analyst Dane Brugler.

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Dane is fresh off of his trip to Mobile, Alabama for the 2017 Senior Bowl. In addition to the final collegiate game of the year, we had the chance to talk about a number of other items.

  • Covering the NFL Draft 365 days per year
  • Players who used the Senior Bowl to elevate their draft stock
  • The Cleveland Browns' handling of the Senior Bowl practices
  • DeShaun Watson skipping the Senior Bowl
  • Did Clemson's championship change Watson's draft stock?
  • The difficulty in evaluating the quarterback position
  • Is Myles Garrett the no-brainer No. 1 pick?
  • Hue Jackson's role in the upcoming draft
  • How can the Browns mess this up?
  • What quarterbacks does Dane like more than others?
  • Is Mitch Trubisky's height a concern?
  • How much will draft boards fluctuate over the next few months?
  • What positions are the deepest?
  • How many starters should be able to be obtained by the Browns?
  • What's the ideal scenario for the first round?
  • The NFL Draft season in the Twitter age

Follow Dane on Twitter at @dpbrugler and read his work at His 500-player, PDF NFL Draft guide can be purchased here.

Feb 5, 2017


Jim Pete and Mike Hattery return to continue the 2017 Positional Previews. This week, Mike and Jim get to take their victory lap, as Jose Ramirez, their muse, broke out with a team-MVP worthy season. The EHC Podcast looks at Ramirez, his 2016 season and how it projects heading into 2017.

Will Jose Ramirez be the full-time third baseman, or will Yandy Diaz or Giovanny Urshela take over third base duties in part, to allow #JRam to move around the field, as he did during the first half of last season?

Catch up on the positional previews:

First Base
Second Base

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2:18--Mike's Great Lakes Brewing Company protest continues: Conway's Irish Ale should be a year-round beer.

2:30--Is Great Lakes Brewing Company a craft brewery, when Jim can find it in a local beer store in Raleigh, NC?

5:15--The case for #JRam regression, and who actually trusts Ramirez, and who doesn't

6:33--#JRam and Great Expectations

9:00--The case for #JRam's continued excellence

10:00--Contact Rules All

12:00--JRam is settled at third, right?

12:50--Is #JRam's value more as a third baseman, or is it as an uber-utility player?

15:25--The fallacy of the prototypical third baseman

17:06--Ramirez vs. Altuve, are there actual similarities, disregarding the fact that one plays third, and the other plays second?

19:55--Ranting with Jim

22:14--Yandy Diaz, and where he plays in 2017

22:50--Will Diaz break camp with the Indians?

22:51--To hell with Michael Martinez

26:54--Service time for a 25-year old?

28:20--Giovanny Urshela's one second of podcast time...alright...maybe two.

29:30--Michael Brantley's role, and how it could impact Ramirez and Diaz

30:00--The plugs of the week

***Special thanks to Mike's brother-in-law, Jonathan Becker, who put together our new intro music! If anyone else is out there that wants their music to be heard, shoot me an email at!