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Apr 17, 2016

The Cleveland Cavaliers took the best shot the Pistons had and survived a blistering three-point shooting performance to take Game 1. Andrew Schnitkey jumps on the pod to discuss the win and what to expect going forward.

  • The Detroit Pistons shooting from three point range
  • Coming back to the mean in terms of three point shooting
  • The pressure of the game and Reggie Jackson losing his cool
  • Reggie Jackson basically walked over and demanded a technical foul
  • LeBron called Reggie Jackson short after hitting an easy shot over him
  • Hack-a-Shaq with Andre Drummond
  • Sound strategy versus NBA purity
  • Kevin Love down the stretch of the season
  • Kevin Love disappearing in the second halves of NBA games
  • Kevin Love's defense and rebounding was insane in game 1
  • Channing Frye doesn't play at all in Game 1
  • Cavs choose Richard Jefferson over Channing Frye?
  • LeBron James point shoehorned in by Andrew at the end