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Hosted by Craig Lyndall, the Waiting For Next Year podcast is about Cleveland sports mostly. Other topics include the media, culture and anything else we feel like talking about.
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Jun 29, 2015

Joe Lull came back on the podcast and discussed a lot of things going on. We discussed the shakeup at 92.3 the Fan that saw Chuck Boom leave the station. We talked a little bit about the Cavs, Browns and the Indians as well. Here's a more detailed list of the topics.

  • Recapping last appearance on the podcast
  • Missing The Ombudsman on the weekends
  • The new face of sports radio now that Chuck Booms is gone
  • What should 92.3 the Fan do with their morning show?
  • The Kevin Love and LeBron James poolside picture
  • LeBron James and Kevin Love opt out and the Cavs' offseason
  • Browns OTAs and mustering up any caring for it
  • Cleveland Indians dumpster fire and accountability

Jun 29, 2015

Dave finally finished his haircut and he and I got to podcast about some things... 

  • LeBron James opts out and what it does and doesn't mean for the Cavs
  • LeBron holding the Cavaliers accountable
  • J.R. Smith and the question about keeping him
  • The boring Browns
  • Melissa McCarthy in Spy
  • Amy Schumer responds to charges that she's racist
  • Dave Quit Game of Thrones
  • Entourage and whether or not it was ever good
  • Ballers is Sports Entourage?
  • Joe Haden's shoe store
  • Dave's hip hop style

Jun 27, 2015

Note: Apologies for the buzzing sound on my mic.

Andrew was available to chat today and I have been itching to crack a mic on all the things that we seem to be talking about, that in my estimation aren't worth talking about. Here they are...

  • Corey Kluber K's ten and still can't win.
  • The Indians did everything they were supposed to do in the off-season
  • Brandon Moss and lots of different moves were good, but they can't score
  • Tired of OTA's and not caring about what happens in them
  • Terrelle Pryor and the Browns
  • Worst sports talk radio call ever... Johnny Manziel
  • Kevin Love and being scared
  • The discomfort of going through Kevin Love's free agency

Jun 18, 2015

I grabbed TD to help everyone get ready for the Indians now that the Cavaliers are officially done. Before we got to the Tribe though, TD and I discussed the Cavs, David Blatt and Johnny Manziel.

  • NBA Free and LeBron James fever with the Cleveland Cavaliers
  • How good for the city was it for the Cavs to make that run?
  • LeBron's "all in" mentality and how it never wavered
  • If Kyrie doesn't get hurt the Cavaliers might win the Finals
  • David Blatt and whether he'll be the Cavs' coach next year
  • What exactly is David Blatt's offense anyway?
  • The pointlessness of David Blatt speculation
  • Johnny Manziel and the money sign, etc.
  • Johnny Manziel speaking to the media and whether it means anything
  • Saying the right thing and what that means or doesn't mean
  • What makes the NFL so impossible to talk about accurately?
  • The scheduling variances from year to year
  • Where are the Indians now and what position are they in?
  • The Cleveland Indians are 4.5 games out of the Wild Card
  • Putting all the faith in the Indians' rotation
  • Comparing the Indians to the Cavs and their 19-20 record
  • Is there a good historical comparison for Giovanny Urshela?
  • Is Lonnie Chisenhall completely finished?
  • Is Brandon Moss doing what we thought he would?
  • How unhealthy is Michael Brantley and his back right now?
  • Trying to make sense of Carlos Santana and how much you like his performance
  • What the Indians did with the ballpark and how great it is
  • The city of Cleveland being decorated up for the playoffs
  • TD dines next to Kanye West
  • The tertiary benefits of having playoffs in Cleveland
  • St. Louis Cardinals... TD says everybody cheats

Jun 16, 2015

It's the day before the day the Cavs get a chance to keep hope alive so Dave and Craig decided to have a conversation very loosely about that and other stuff. We had a lot of fun doing this one, so hopefully you have as much fun listening.

  • Dave starts the show due to inclement weather
  • The Cavs and their elimination game against the Warriors
  • Do you know anyone who has given up on the team?
  • Sports talk radio callers and their advice for David Blatt
  • Mozgov and trying to adapt Cavs rotations with so few players
  • Playing Shawn Marion is not a magic bullet
  • Underestimating Kyrie Irving as a decoy
  • The dark times without a playoff Cavs team
  • Craig makes Dave feel bad about himself
  • Craig makes Dave feel better after making him feel bad about himself
  • The resume of the true Cavs fan including Samardo Samuels and Semi Erden (I don't care how his name is really spelled)
  • Dave demands watch party tickets for Game 7

Jun 12, 2015

The Cavaliers are down, but not yet out. Martin Rickman is in town and he sat down to discuss the NBA Finals and the Cavs' chances. Here are some of the things we've discussed.

  • LeBron James and hitting his head on the camera
  • LeBron takes big hits even if he acts like he got shot sometimes
  • Trying to project the Game 4 results into Game 5
  • Trying to analyze a team that just missed shots
  • LeBron James in Chill Mode
  • LeBron James and whether he's training like a marathon runner
  • Could LeBron have purposely taken it easy to go for Game 5?
  • Obsession with outcomes in order to drive analysis
  • Mozgov and his ability once every three games
  • J.R. Smith and his need to just keep shooting
  • The Cavaliers and their fulfilling feeling
  • The Kneecap and how this isn't a miserable team
  • Dope the movie

Jun 11, 2015

Dave and Andrew got together electronically to discuss Browns mini-camp and the Andy Lee wait, they discussed the Cavs.

  • Cautious Optimism
  • Dirty Delly
  • Having your old "takes" on record
  • Taking no comfort in positive statistics
  • Blatt being a step ahead.
  • Being so close but so far away.
  • Being confident.
  • Being so sleep deprived
  • Golden State favor is turning
  • Jim Brown and LeBron James

Lets win this. And let's host the WFNY Mega-cast.

Jun 10, 2015

The Cavs have the lead in the NBA Finals 2-1. Brian Spaeth was at the game and I was at a bar. We discuss everything.

  • Brian Spaeth after Game 3 of the NBA Finals
  • Can't sleep after a playoff game
  • Going to the game itself was the best sporting event Brian's ever gone to
  • Game 1 and the worry it spawned in Brian
  • LeBron's Finals history and his ability to lock in
  • Trying to relate the Atlanta sweep to Golden State
  • Trying to figure out if the Cavs were tested or not
  • Golden State's frustration at not being able to play how they want to play
  • Sympathy for Golden State and how likable they are
  • Getting tired and playing a really short roster
  • The Cavaliers have dominated in many ways, but the games are still so very close
  • The leadership, experience and body language of the NBA Finals
  • Doing an impression of what maturity is supposed to look like
  • Are the 2015 Warriors the 2007 Cavaliers in some ways?
  • Relishing every opportunity in the NBA Finals and how LeBron feels lucky to be here now
  • Blatt and LeBron and coaching and whatever the Cavs are doing is working
  • The collective experience of going to the Cavs' Finals game
  • The LeBron story and just not wanting it to end ever
  • The misery montage and how meaningless it is to me now
Jun 9, 2015

Jeff Nomina changes his twitter name too much. I think he's SportsNom now, so go search him out and find him. He's also a really fun guy to chat with about sports and life and culture and stuff, so we did that. Here's what we talked about.


  • Jeff Nomina changes his name a lot
  • The reluctant, accidental troll
  • The epic, weird twitter night
  • Women's soccer and how it doesn't discredit the sport
  • Comparing soccer to sushi
  • The NBA finals TV ratings in Cleveland and outside it
  • The Golden State Warriors and not having a lot of access to them
  • The Sportscenter highlight packages and what we get now
  • Talking heads and whether or not it's better or worse
  • Rebooting NFL AM and how awful the production was
  • The Cavs and whether or not they could win a game narrative
  • The Cavaliers and how buried they were by everyone
  • Enjoying the banged up Cavaliers is especially fun
  • LeBron's final shot and what he would have wanted
  • Neutralizing Tristan Thompson
  • Tristan Thompson switching out on a guard at the three point line
  • David Blatt allows the other team to dictate lineups
  • Getting obsessed with minutiae
  • J.R. Smith and how painfully limited he is with the Golden State offense
  • Putting a physical body on Curry and how sustainable it all is
  • Making predictions and how worthless they are
  • The old tweet dredging and how awful it is
  • Becoming an Internet villain in a heartbeat
  • Apple Music vs. Tidal and what they bring

Jun 6, 2015

I've been listening to a lot of Cavs talk about how Kyrie Irving's injury spells the end for the Cleveland Cavaliers. I get it, and I understand why people feel that way, but there are games left to be played and the Cavs have LeBron James. I asked Brendan Bowers to join me on the podcast to discuss all the issues surrounding the Cavaliers and their current run in the 2015 NBA Finals against the Golden State Warriors.

  • The Cavaliers and whether or not they have a chance
  • Missing Kyrie's productivity from Game 1
  • The Cavs' series against the Hawks projecting to the Golden State Warriors
  • LeBron scores 44 and the Cavaliers lose?
  • J.R. Smith and Iman Shumpert on the road vs. at home
  • Golden State's game plan was to let LeBron take a high volume of shots
  • Is there any benefit to having clarity on Kyrie Irving?
  • Momentum if the Cavaliers can win Game 2 in Golden State
  • The Kyrie Irving injury conspiracy theories
  • When things go wrong, people look to blame others
  • Do you believe in curses or any of the other silliness?

Jun 2, 2015

Ben Cox joins the podcast to talk about the NBA and the Cavaliers trip to the NBA Finals. Plus, you know, DELLY!

  • Delly and his status as unlikely hero and anti-hero
  • Team construction and the Cavs having to rely on Delly
  • Delly shooting better from outside than from the inside
  • Matthew Dellavedova looking for too many alley-oops
  • Getting autographs from Charles Barkley and Steve Kerr
  • Baseball cards versus basketball cards
  • Cavaliers watch parties at the new Q with the giant scoreboards
  • LeBron does make his teammates better
  • Is anything ever normal when LeBron's around?
  • The future of Kevin Love and what he's going to do
  • The amount of time the Cavaliers haven't had together
  • Steve Kerr over David Blatt as a Warriors advantage?
  • Coach K and Tom Izzo compared to David Blatt
  • Predictions as intellectualism
  • Ben Cox predicts Warriors in six
  • Getting a playoff team after having one of the worst teams in the league
  • Fiction recommendations with Ben - Seveneves by Neal Stephenson
  • Reamde by Neal Stephenson
  • Summer reading games