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Hosted by Craig Lyndall, the Waiting For Next Year podcast is about Cleveland sports mostly. Other topics include the media, culture and anything else we feel like talking about.
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May 27, 2015

This is the third occasion that I've had to welcome Joe Petrich from Something Involving a Monkey to come onto the podcast. Joe's been a friend for a long time and he makes some of the most interesting music in the world with his band, including bass player BeZo and drummer, Ritz. The band is celebrating their new album Into the Great Blue Waffle with a show at The Foundry on Saturday May 30.

Here's what else we talked about.


  • Something Involving a Monkey
  • The return of the Cavs and LeBron James
  • Not caring about the NBA
  • Trevor Bauer and the value of a real quote
  • What can the Indians do after a slow start?
  • Kevin Maas went full Matt LaPorta
  • Kevin Kouzmanoff the legend of Lake County
  • The Indians new setup and having a good team
  • The brutality of Cleveland fans
  • Monsters becoming the farm team for the Bluejackets
  • Faith No More live from Toronto
  • Mr Bungle and Mike Patton's influence
  • Taking credit cards and putting business first

May 26, 2015

Craig and Chad Zumock discuss how uncool Craig is, meeting Bernie Kosar, local radio and a whole lot more. Here's the rest of the "whole lot more."


  • Rock on the Range with Chad Zumock
  • Rob Schneider at Rock on the Range
  • Doing local morning radio
  • Shady people and not
  • Craig is lame and guilty as charged
  • Chuck Booms and Chad Zumock and if he's damaged goods
  • Chicago radio and whether or not outsiders can work there
  • Louis CK's set on SNL
  • The Disgruntled Waiter bit with Florentine and Mike Polk
  • The Fox Sports Ohio Girls and following the Reds and Bengals

May 26, 2015

The Cleveland Cavaliers are now up 3-0 on the Atlanta Hawks, plus we've seen a bunch of movies lately, so it was time to talk about it all with Brian Spaeth.

  • Cavs take game three
  • Why can't we get any Mozgov time at all?
  • Stopping Teague and nothing he can do
  • Dirty Delly and that whole thing
  • Anderson Varejao and the return with Tristan Thompson
  • LeBron's bad layups and misses in the first quarter
  • Drama King LeBron
  • Will the Hawks be "Boston Game Four" snippy?
  • Delly and playing basketball against high school wrestlers
  • If Korver hadn't gotten hurt none of this would have happened
  • Tomorrowland
  • Ex Machina
  • Mad Max

May 22, 2015

Dave and Craig brought the podcast out live to the Nervous Dog again. The audience wasn't large, but it was a whole lot of fun.

We discussed hating the Atlanta Hawks.

  • Hotlanta
  • Ludacris
  • The 1995 World Series
  • Elton Brand
  • Throwback logos
  • Mighty Ducks
  • DeMarre Carroll's hair
  • Outkast's lack of material
  • Millsap's dumb name
  • Worst sporting event you've ever attended

May 20, 2015

Craig is on location, so Dave did the recording and most of the hosting as we discussed a variety of topics in the news.

  • The Cavaliers get ready for the Hawks
  • We are all Delly
  • Fan satisfaction even before reaching the final goal
  • Louis CK jokes about child molestation
  • Game of Thrones dissatisfies with shocking tactics
  • Game of Thrones week-to-week versus binge watching
  • Mad Men finale and whether or not it was good
  • Plus a lot more...

May 13, 2015

Martin Rickman of UPROXX Sports joins the WFNY Podcast to discuss a wide variety of topics from new media, social media, Bill Simmons leaving ESPN and the evolution of LeBron James and the city of Cleveland while he was gone.

  • UPROXX and the decision to join up on that site
  • Chris Mottram from SB Nation moves over to UPROXX
  • Feature writing vs.filling inventory
  • The voice and the craft of writing
  • Bill Simmons leaving ESPN and whether he's a good writer or not
  • Hiring writers to go do long-form articles and evergreen pieces
  • Nate Silver's comments to Freakonomics about traffic vs. quality
  • Letting social media ruin your day
  • Cavs game and the crowd showing up for game five
  • Wanting to believe in this Cleveland Cavaliers team
  • The philosophy of Cleveland sports fans with LeBron back in town
  • LeBron James actually believing in the right things rather than just saying them
  • Cleveland fans learning a lot when LeBron was gone too

May 12, 2015

The Cleveland Browns drafted players and I hadn't talked enough about it yet, so I grabbed Mike Burgermeister. We also talked about Tom Brady and the Patriots penalty.

  • Mike Burgermeister from 603Brown talking Browns draft
  • The A to Z podcast and enabling things
  • Podcasting vs. Talk radio and how they're different "genres of music"
  • The different methods of consuming radio
  • Liking the draft and appreciating the Browns' process
  • The RG3 written word and why draft coverage feels a bit futile after a while
  • Justin Gilbert and loving that pick
  • The Browns drafting principles with guys who have shown maturity and can play football
  • The Browns looking for boring players when drafting Barkevious Mingo
  • Having offensive linemen who can all play
  • Mike's epic post talking about having offensive linemen that can alll play at Hall of Fame levels
  • Emmitt Smith is overrated
  • Jordan Cameron's departure to Miami
  • Mike Wallace and Dwayne Bowe and the Dolphins and the Vikings
  • Tom Brady and the Patriots penalties
  • The Patriots deflating footballs is like DUI
  • Is all cheating created equally?

May 8, 2015

Dave Sterling enjoyed a chat with Comedian and Cavs podcast host Chris Clem. They discussed the following.

  • Being a Cavs fan in Chicago
  • The proper way to wear a Mozgov is backwards
  • Who wears replica basketball shorts?
  • Dave's game 1 experience
  • Kids sitting court-side
  • Sweeping the seats for giveaway swag.
  • Not a great day for Cavs PR
  • LeBron's headband conspiracy
  • Is Andy planning a comeback?
  • Delly
  • Cavs vs Bulls going forward
  • Cavs songs and old Cavs rosters
  • The legend Delonte West
  • The Browns Boring Draft
  • The Browns Superfans

May 8, 2015

There was a lot of negative garbage in the sports media, and it was just in time for Ben Axelrod to jump onto the podcast for the first time and help us wade through it all.

  • Who are you and what do you do?
  • The legitimization of Bleacher Report
  • The media market as it is today and the inevitable consolidation and merge
  • Cavs heart domestic violence
  • Cardale Jones vs. Joakim Noah
  • The overwhelming coverage of a failed joke
  • Floyd Mayweather and the talk of his transgressions about women
  • Tom Brady and his deflating football deal took over the afterglow of Cavs love
  • Comparing the Pats and Falcons and the Browns
  • Did D'Qwell Jackson get the Pats in trouble?
  • LeBron James and the Shumpert injury
  • The NBA and whether or not they play too many games
  • Weighing quantity and quality in an NBA season
  • Chuck Booms gets fired
  • The Tony Rizzo show and the timeslot

May 3, 2015

Brian Spaeth joins the podcast to discuss the Cleveland Cavaliers and their continuing playoff run as well as The Avengers Age of Ultron, which we saw together this week.

  • The biggest sports day of the world with the Kentucky Derby and Mayweather vs. Pacquiao
  • The Rocky hangover for boxing
  • The Cavaliers winning in such an ugly way that it wasn't even fun
  • Feeling sorry for Kevin Love
  • Who picked the fight between the Cavs and Celtics?
  • Kendrick Perkins and how he should have been tossed
  • The Bulls and how inconsistent they are
  • The Avengers Age of Ultron
  • Avoiding spoilers, reviews and other things
  • Comparing Avengers to Star Trek
  • The Avengers was a really nice mix of all the Avengers
  • Was The Avengers storyline a bit unfocused?
  • Spoilers after 23 minutes!!!
  • Brian puts his editing touches on The Avengers
  • Battlestar Galactica is one of the best shows ever