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Hosted by Craig Lyndall, the Waiting For Next Year podcast is about Cleveland sports mostly. Other topics include the media, culture and anything else we feel like talking about.
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Apr 28, 2015

Dan Parker and Craig Lyndall discuss all things BlueJackets, Monsters and also the upcoming Browns NFL draft.

  • The Report podcast with Dan Parker
  • Complaining about Jack Eichel
  • Sabres trying to get Connor McDavid
  • fast guys who don't look like they're going fast
  • One and done in college hockey versus basketball
  • Drafting college players and letting them continue to play in college
  • Hockey's entry-level contract
  • The Lake Erie Monsters affiliation with the Columbus BlueJackets
  • Is there any downside to the Monsters joining the BlueJackets?
  • Looking for a Monsters writer to cover the BlueJackets' new affiliate
  • How to learn to cover a pro sports team
  • The Browns 2015 NFL draft
  • Marcus Mariota is neither the last piece or Andrew Luck
  • Is Mariota's ceiling higher than Andy Dalton or Joe Flacco?
  • Monsters fan remember Bjorkstrand from Denmark. Watch him.

Apr 28, 2015

The Cleveland Cavaliers suspensions are known. The Browns draft is coming.

  • The big podcast month we've been having
  • The Verge reporting on Refused's new album
  • Spotify and Amazon and researching music
  • Kevin Love and J.R. Smith Cavs news
  • False equivalency between Olynyk and J.R. Smith
  • is this the Cleveland sports curse
  • The Cavaliers have the two best players in the series
  • NFL draft parties and the culture around the draft
  • Backing Farmer and Pettine for long enough to let them do the job
  • The Avengers and the watch party on Friday

Apr 27, 2015

Andrew and Craig discuss the Boston Celtics losing in four games to the Cavaliers and how much it really cost them. The Cavaliers did get the sweep, but somehow managed to leave fans feeling badly after completing said sweep.

  • Kevin Love's shoulder and the prospect of missing one game
  • Kelly Olinyk did not try to injure Kevin Love, but it was a rough, dirty play
  • Kendrick Perkins and who on earth gave the order for the code red?
  • Perkins should have been tossed from the game probably
  • J.R. Smith and the spinning back hand to Jae Crowder and how J.R. absolutely deserved to get tossed
  • J.R. Smith might not have intended to hit Crowder that way, but it was bad
  • Matthew Dellavedova and James Jones taking shots they have to take
  • The incredibly nice game Iman Shumpert put together in game 4
  • Will there be any hangover effect from the bad game four against Boston as it carries over to the next series?
  • Will we see Shawn Marion or Mike Miller?
  • Kevin Love said he expects to play in game one

Apr 23, 2015

The Indians are off to a really rough start, so I called TD to help calm me down.

  • Jerry Sands is LeBron James
  • 2013 Cleveland Indians started 5-10 before figuring it out
  • Can't hit the panic button, but the roster is in disarray
  • There's no calling card to bring about change
  • Is the left-handed lineup killing the Tribe?
  • Getting Swisher back and what it means
  • What should the Indians do in the leadoff spot?
  • Justifying the Swisher move by remembering where the Tribe were
  • Rating what the Indians did this season and having that contribute to patience
  • The biggest concern with the Indians

Apr 21, 2015

After talking to Lane Adkins about the Browns, I dialed up Dave Sterling to talk about pretty much everything else. Before it was all done, we'd discussed being off of Twitter for the first Cavs playoff game, the idea of buying any shirt for $100, let alone a jersey, and teaching my son about the evils of advertising.

  • Trying to watch sporting events with half an eye
  • Twitter during the first quarter of the Cavs game
  • Craig fumbles over the word apoplectic
  • Teams making the playoffs with losing records
  • The Western Conference and Oklahoma City not making the playoffs
  • Serving the customer vs. the business interest
  • MLB and the Spider Man bases
  • Buying Cavs seats for the playoffs
  • Buying jerseys and spending $100 on a shirt
  • A muted interest in the NFL draft in Cleveland
  • What do Browns fans want in the draft?
  • Dave's mock draft desire
  • Mock Draft Debate Team
  • Teaching my son that he doesn't need juice to do extreme sports
  • Online advertising and how we'll look back on this age
  • Pissing off potential customers and whether that works in any business
  • Non-review yelp review
  • Adam Sandler movie reviews and suggestions
Apr 21, 2015

Lane Adkins of The Orange and Brown report joined me to discuss all things Browns. He wasn't on to promote anything in particular, but I've been a subscriber to the OBR for quite a while and I plugged it for him. 

Here's the rest of the stuff we talked about.

  • Where are the Cleveland Browns today?
  • What are Johnny Manziel's chances to be a starter after a tumultuous year?
  • What were Justin Gilbert's real issues and can he rebound?
  • Just how negative and disruptive can a guy like Josh Gordon be?
  • Craig (somehow) forgets Josh Gordon's name for a second.
  • Browns signing Johnson Bademosi and Craig Robertson
  • Will the Browns get anything done with Tashaun Gipson?
  • On a scale of one to ten where George Kokinis is one, where are the Browns?
  • Do you think Jimmy Haslam regrets firing Chud after just one year?
  • Does Alec Scheiner watching tape ruin the Browns? :-)


Apr 17, 2015

Dan Labbe of and now NEOMG joined me to discuss everything related to Cleveland sports. He usually is the host of these things, and I turned the tables on him and made him a guest for once! 

  • At what point did it occur to you that had no longer become the supplement to the newspaper?
  • The development of the media
  • Dealing with the feedback and comments and Twitter
  • Britt McHenry and the ESPN suspension
  • Predatory businesses like towing companies
  • ESPN and standing behind their employees
  • Does the Indians playoff game count?
  • Did you ever take playoffs for granted?
  • Reliving the Orlando series
  • Stan Van Gundy as a coach
  • The NFL draft and the fact that the Browns won seven games
  • Johnny Manziel makes a statement out of rehab
  • How do the Browns factor Manziel into their plans?
  • Trying to understand what we do and don't know with regard to the Browns
  • Getting to "show me" mode with the Browns
  • Did you ever try to talk yourself into Pat Shurmur?

Apr 15, 2015

Dave Sterling and I discussed the Browns jersey unveiling before and after. We also discussed superfans, Michelle Schwab, and a figure four leg lock.

  • Leave Michelle Schwab alone
  • Dave is completely anti-Cheetah Pit
  • Punishments fitting crimes
  • A real live figure four leg lock and the aftermath
  • Browns fans creating no-win situations
  • Cleveland fans eating their own
  • The non mutual exclusivity of Cleveland sports success
  • Whether the Browns should do due diligence
  • Being overwhelmed by the negativity
  • Really liking the orange uniforms
  • Turning on the idea of superfans
  • The players on the team loving the jerseys

Apr 10, 2015

This episode of the WFNY podcast is a little bit different. We talked a lot about culture and technology and a little bit about sports and video games. I can't recall every single thing that Dave Sterling and I discussed, but the major thing that sticks out is wondering, as the video game generations get older, will there be LAN parties in retirement homes someday?

Will everyone load up their favorite Call of Duty version and a mouse and keyboard and blast away week after week, day after day of retirement? It's a funny question, but it's also a good one.

That, and more...

Apr 8, 2015

Andre Knott of the A to Z podcast was kind enough to join me to discuss his career, among other topics. It was a really great chat with lots of cool stories. Here are some of the highlights.

  • Talking about Terry Pluto, Joe Tait and getting into the business of sports
  • Developing talent in sports media and getting reps
  • Casey Coleman's sage advice about sports talk radio callers
  • The Cleveland Indians job and the work / life balance
  • Doing a job versus putting your own stamp on it
  • Sports talk radio versus podcasts and how they should feed each other

Apr 7, 2015

Scott from WFNY joined the WFNY podcast to talk about Blogs and media and HBO among other topics.

  • Hating the word blog or how it's being used
  • Jason Lloyd's notes at the end of the night
  • ESPN redesign getting everyone to talk about blogs
  • The front page of media properties have never been less meaningful
  • For the Win and its presence since starting
  • Black Sports Online saying the Golden Age of Blogging is dead
  • WFNY posting box scores
  • Being afraid of your own archives
  • Craig's half-drunk Browns recaps
  • John Oliver and HBO's decision to post on Youtube

Apr 5, 2015

The much-anticipated second part of the WFNY podcast with @sportsyelling and @BrutalStephanie is here. For the record, this was recorded before Corey Kluber signed an extension with the team. We talk about the Cleveland Indians and their upcoming season in-depth.

  • The "Dolanz are Cheapz" narrative
  • Has the "Dolans are cheap" narrative been killed off?
  • Trying to understand just how big trades have been in building the Indians
  • Trying not to underestimate the Brandon Moss acquisition
  • Looking back at the trades that brought Corey Kluber, Mike Aviles and Carlos Santana
  • Being sad about Victor Martinez
  • Appreciating Casey Blake
  • Talking about improvements to Jacob's Field / Progressive Field
  • Much much more...

Apr 4, 2015

I had occasion to sit down and get to know @sportsyelling and @BrutalStephanie in person. What resulted was a long podcast about friends and Twitter and sports and any number of other topics. I don't even know how to put it in a bullet point list because it was so very much a meandering conversation.

In the end, I think it was a good way to get to know two of the most fun follows in the Cleveland sports Twitter universe.

Apr 3, 2015

Welcome to all the new listeners! It's been seven weeks since Joe Lull has been off of 92.3 the Fan in Cleveland. There's been some talk, rumor and speculation as to what happened and why Lull hasn't resurfaced. Joe joins the WFNY Podcast to tell his story and put rumors to rest regarding his exit from 92.3 the Fan and Cleveland sports talk radio in general.

  • Joe Lull and the relief of being gone
  • The sports talk radio obsession
  • People in the way of career advancement
  • What happened on Wednesday February 11th?
  • Adam the Bull's national show on Saturday mornings in Cleveland replaced Joe
  • The Ombudsman schtick and trying to keep it up
  • Why hasn't Joe Lull searched for another job?
  • The class of hosts who make tons of money and those that don't
  • The overall Cavs coverage since LeBron James came to Cleveland
  • The difficulties of finding ways to cover a winning team
  • Why do they scrub all existence of a host from the website after they leave?
  • How would Joe Lull change 92.3 the Fan
  • Kissing Anthony Lima's butt for far too long
  • Shortening shifts would increase the quality immensely
  • Fantasy sports talk radio

Apr 3, 2015

Josh Flagner from More than a Fan came on the podcast to talk about all things sports media. We discussed blogs and podcasts and newspapers and how the coverage has developed around the Browns and Cavaliers this year.

  • Two hours a week podcasting down from five
  • The formulas for podcasting and how long to go on
  • More than a Fan and where it is compared to what he wants to do
  • Dave Sterling helping fill out the podcast "inventory"
  • Are podcasts replacing sports talk radio, or is it just a supplement?
  • The big media companies taking over podcasts
  • Do the big companies want to compete in podcasts?
  • Intentionally titillating people with yelling and controversy
  • Blogs and traffic and getting viraled into new traffic
  • Millionaire matchmaker and making money
  • Brian Windhorst talks and nothing but negative things get picked out
  • Media organizations vertically integrated into blogs
  • The skew negative in the reaction
  • The Cavaliers and what's really going on or not going on
  • The Browns and the hope meter
  • Are the Browns a complete mess or do they have a chance?
  • Sports owners and whether their skills translate
  • Jimmy Haslam and Joe Banner and him being implanted in Cleveland
  • What Cleveland sports moment would you change in your lifetime?

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