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Hosted by Craig Lyndall, the Waiting For Next Year podcast is about Cleveland sports mostly. Other topics include the media, culture and anything else we feel like talking about.
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Mar 28, 2015

Craig Lyndall and Dave Sterling get together in person, in public, to talk about the day's events in sports, cable TV and technology...

  • Nervous Dog in Stow
  • Chris Clem live in Cuyahoga Falls
  • Scene Magazine awarding WFNY Podcast into eternity
  • Cavs game against Memphis
  • League Pass and why they won’t let local superfans see local games
  • NFL losing blackout restrictions
  • Buying Game of Thrones on iTunes
  • Watch ESPN doesn’t work as well as MLB app
  • The NFL should have an NFL network with all past games archives
  • NFL Game Rewind and how mediocre it is
  • Watching the NFL combine
  • Dan Gilbert and how he should start a soccer team
  • The evil of charging for tethering and data
  • Comcast and the cable companies with their government-granted monopolies

Mar 25, 2015

Craig and @nominataur discuss kids and sports and Kevin Love. Plus Disney Junior Live stinking.

  • The fragmentation of the future
  • Watching Up for the first time
  • Having the “death” conversation with kids
  • Realizations about death and The Fall of Freddie the Leaf
  • There will never be another 1985
  • Cleveland Indians and whether jinxes exist
  • Jimmy Haslam and the Tennessee Titans thing
  • Dan Gilbert and the meddling
  • Pro sports owners and knowing their lane
  • The Miami Dolphins and what the hell they’re doing
  • Overpaying Dwayne Bowe versus overpaying a star player
  • Wasting Indians seasons under Eric Wedge
  • What are the Browns doing at quarterback?
  • Emotionally weak quarterbacks and Browns fans
  • Getting to know that Matt Ryan is a goofy dude
  • Indians twitter and how to keep it all up
  • A faceless branding twitter account
  • The Terry Francona factor with the Indians
  • The Kevin Love Cavs storylines
  • Talking about Andrew Wiggins as Cavs fans
  • The Cavs are probably maximized with Kevin Love
  • Disney Junior Live and how bad it was

Mar 24, 2015

Jon returns from hiatus to discuss television. We spoke about The Jinx, the Serial Podcast and much more like...

  • Adding a second kid and how much more the workload will be
  • How much more work is it to add the children
  • Adding Swenson’s to the list of things
  • Going to Denny’s and how awful it is
  • Going to a drive-in and what it’s like
  • The Jinx and whether it would have achieved its success without Serial
  • Comparing the Serial Podcast with The Jinx
  • Could you re-listen to Serial or rewatch The Jinx?
  • The production issues with The Jinx
  • How did the producers of Serial and The Jinx get so lucky in their storytelling?
  • The creepy factor of Andrew Jarecki vs. Sarah Koenig
  • You can pick apart anything and make someone hate anything
  • The use of re-enactments in drama documentaries
  • Did The Jinx make you want to watch All Good Things?
  • Capturing the Friedmans
  • Discovering how Andrew Jarecki came to be
  • Trying to wait around for the next big thing
  • The Netflix generation and their viewing habits

Mar 23, 2015

Dave Sterling and Craig talk about their night of deathmatching and also Swenson's, Hard Knocks and more...

  • Death match and pizza
  • Entering a 20-mile race
  • Half Life 2 and Counter Strike Source
  • Feeling old scoffing at eight hours of video gaming
  • Swenson’s and Craig’s first ever trip there
  • Being a first-timer at Swenson’s
  • Browns gear on Ebay that Dave bought
  • The technical details of orphaned webpages
  • The evil executive owner voice
  • The Cleveland Cavaliers clinch a playoff spot
  • Taking playoff basketball for granted

Mar 20, 2015

I caught up with Andrew to discuss the fact that I missed all of day one of the tourney. :-( We also discussed the Cavs and the Browns and other stuff like the following...

  • Not getting to see the tourney and the torture
  • Ryan Tannehill and the Dolphins and Suh
  • Placing Ryan Tannehill in the ranks of NFL quarterbacks
  • Tannehill or Matt Stafford?
  • Mike Tomlin vs. Mike Pettine?
  • Knowing that Pat Shurmur was going to suck as a head coach
  • Being initially down on the Jim Tressel hiring
  • David Griffin and his silence on David Blatt’s hot seat
  • Finding the equilibrium on Kevin Love and all that’s going on
  • Body language analysis of what Kevin Love is going through
  • Trying to handicap Johnny Manziel’s chances at resurrection
  • The advantages of what the Browns know versus the rest of the league

Mar 19, 2015

Dave talked with Chris Clem (@chris_clem), a Chicago-based comedian born and raised in Stow. In addition to being a touring comedian, Chris, as a huge cavs fan has recently started the Chris Clem Cavs Cast (C4Podcast for short) which can be found at Chris Clem's Podcast site.

  • They had a great time discussing.
  • The Cavs laying a giant egg in Miami
  • Going through the archive for obscure roster members
  • Matthew Dellavedova: Pro or Con?
  • Will LeBron become insufferable in old age?
  • The lost generation of Browns fans.
  • Being a Cavs fan in Chicago, pre and post Derrick Rose injury.
  • The Spurs asterix people look pretty dumb now...
  • Miami people throwing shade.
  • Luke Walton
  • Regrettable Tattoos that didn't happen.
  • Brackets are already busted.
  • Ohio State basketball glory days
  • Who wants to be a millionaire?! Chris.
  • Zeke Marshall
  • and much much more!​

Mar 17, 2015

After a slow week, Dave and Craig got some podcasting done. Here's what they talked about.

  • Monitor Porn
  • Being down on the Browns and the start of free agency
  • The Suh contract and what it will do to the Dolphins
  • Darrelle Revis looking for the big multi-year contract
  • Buster Skrine and his fighting for a job
  • Justin Gilbert and what he can do in his second year
  • Browns look like fools on Jordan Cameron
  • Tom Condon and his ability
  • Trent Richardson and if he could come back with the Pats or Packers
  • Sports talk radio and its overbearing formats
  • Rocky IV and the weird relationship with that movie
  • Cliffhanger
  • Girlscout cookies and putting thin mints in the freezer
  • Cleveland Indians spring training news
  • Corey Kluber is the world’s worst interview and I don’t care
  • The Cavs team chemistry and enjoying one of the greatest teams in Cleveland sports history
  • Youthful delusion as a sports fan
  • Fearing your own archives
  • 2006 Pittsburgh Steelers game

Mar 9, 2015

Dave Sterling tracked down Jacob to talk about a lot of stuff including Taylor Swift? Yep. Listen in.

  • Dave and Jacob had a chat on Sunday Evening and discussed the following.
  • The famous 23 hour day.
  • Has winter broken us?
  • Visiting Seattle
  • Are you afraid of Atlanta?​​
  • Why couldn't we hold the lead Friday night once we clawed back?
  • What is our best line-up without LeBron?
  • Resurgence of Kyle Korver
  • Is there anyone else you ARE afraid of?
  • Excited for playoff basketball
  • @tayswiftsports
  • The cavs are likable this time.
  • Why no cavs bowling t-shirts?

Mar 3, 2015

Dave Sterling joined Craig to discuss the Cleveland Browns signing of Josh McCown to be their quarterback.

  • The Cleveland Browns signing Josh McCown
  • Dave and Craig having chemistry and going on a date
  • Self loathing and Josh McCown
  • There’s nothing good about the Josh McCown signing really
  • The Bleacher Report top five reasons the Josh McCown signing was good
  • Josh McCown looks like Guile from Street Fighter
  • James Harden was suspended for kicking LeBron in the nuts
  • Animated GIFs of nut kicks
  • Does Chris Grant get any pride from current Cavaliers?
  • Golden State Warriors fans RT’ing old tweets
  • Tony Rizzo saying, “You better pay me.”
  • Avoiding sports talk radio
  • The traps of sports talk radio
  • Craig and Dave fix sports talk radio
  • Sports talk radio callers who think they’re famous
  • Patton Oswalt has mastered Twitter plus Big Fan love
  • The difference between Facebook and Twitter

Mar 3, 2015

I ran down Boney again this year to talk Detroit Tigers and the A.L. Central, but we ended up talking about lots of other things too.


  • Detroit Tigers and the A.L. Central
  • Are the Tigers finally done with age?
  • Liking Cespedes as a player
  • International amateur free agents
  • Collective bargaining and keeping labor peace in pro sports
  • Baseball is due for a fight but the NBA might just pass through
  • Is Detroit still the team to beat in the AL Central?
  • Healthy Anibal Sanchez and Justin Verlander
  • David Price and his outlook for his season and future in Detroit
  • Can the Tigers stem the tide of the Verlander and Cabrera deals?
  • Did the Tigers bid against themselves with Miguel Cabrera?
  • Suh and never reading the comments sections
  • Suh probably won’t become Albert Haynesworth
  • The Pistons are kind of a fun team again
  • The Pistons signing Josh Smith