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Hosted by Craig Lyndall, the Waiting For Next Year podcast is about Cleveland sports mostly. Other topics include the media, culture and anything else we feel like talking about.
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Feb 26, 2015

Here's part two of the podcast with Andrew where we discuss the Cleveland Browns and music.

  • Cleveland Browns logo change and Alec Scheiner’s
  • The announcing of a re-brand
  • What would have been good enough for Browns fans?
  • Twitter and Facebook are where Browns fans congregate
  • The penalties for Ray Farmer for his texting
  • The dead period of the NFL and how it’s impossible to make good news
  • Not getting into Wahoo
  • The extra-curriculars around sports as opposed to the sports themselves
  • Funding stadiums and arenas
  • Not caring about the sports and just the cult of personality
  • Striking the balance between running a site and the value proposition for the audience
  • Using latitude on the While We’re Waiting posts
  • Bands that tour to survive
  • Can you enjoy five hours of music over the age of 30?
  • The cost of touring and what it takes to put it together
  • Unaffiliated cheapo hotels and motels
  • The modern music industry and weighing possibility
  • The mismatch of your love for art versus society’s treatment of artists
  • Music and Death Cab for Cutie
  • The global release date for music is now Fridays
  • Holding things back vs. releasing them when they’re ready

Feb 26, 2015

Craig and Andrew got together in person in Columbus to talk about the Cavs and a bunch of other things.

  • Ohio State versus Nebraska college basketball game
  • Missing the Cavs game against Golden State
  • The Cavs effort level across 82 games
  • Derrick Rose’s injury and the league’s reaction to it
  • How big a deal is a meniscus tear?
  • Shaun Livingston, Anderson Varejao and Grant Hill
  • The Bulls getting rid of Thibodeau
  • Denver getting rid of John Fox
  • 49ers getting rid of Harbaugh
  • Cavs getting Kendrick Perkins and the embarrassment of riches
  • LeBron’s involvement in helping make the Cavaliers who they are
  • Ray Allen and whether the Cavs should go get him
  • The meta view of the NBA through the Cavs getting better
  • Agent Zero, Gilbert Arenas, and the guns in the Wizards’ locker room
  • Sports league owners vs. the law
  • The word “thug” and code words in sports
  • Watching LeBron in his Jordan with the Wizards years
  • Dion Waiters was a problem
  • PEDs and drug testing in the NBA
  • Barry Bonds and Mark McGuire

Feb 24, 2015

Dave Sterling and Brain Spaeth got together for a very special episode of the Waiting for Next Year Podcast. They discussed

  • Brian's Cavs many regular season games...
  • "i think it speaks for itself" the new sports website.
  • better "just to watch" sports, forget the analysis
  • Effort level, not just for sports! (Spaeth Life Lesson 1)
  • Birdman, best picture, not a typical nominee
  • Snow.
  • Is Dave enjoying podcast hosting?
  • What is Craig up to!?
  • Dave never watched friends
  • Anti-establishment dismissal of popular art
  • Radiohead's Kid-A
  • "I don't believe in guilty pleasures, I don't think they should exist i think that you should just proudly love whatever it is you love!" (Spaeth Life Lesson 2)
  • The Time wasting 90's driving game, Pirateball.
  • Case logic CD cases are mostly gone.
  • iPods, shuffling, and what is on there.
  • Workout music.
  • Pumping Iron
  • Major League 2
  • Rocky
  • If Brian ever breaks an ankle, he is in big trouble.
  • Weight lifting.
  • and finally Brian has to go!

Feb 19, 2015

Dave and Dylan got together and discussed some Cleveland sports.

  • Note by Note breakdown of a summarized Mike Pettine press conference. Courtesy of Reddit user JohnStamosBRAH.
  • Haslam's influence and Browns Club house optimism.
  • Manziel's time in rehab.
  • Shanahan leaving, and Josh Gordon giving similar signals.
  • Optimism, and a website called Waiting for Next Year
  • Pettine: Love all over, including sex?
  • Cavs at the break.
  • Lebron is nobility
  • Missing playoff basketball
  • Kevin Love will win you playoff games.
  • Dylan verifies Dave's crackpot theory
  • Cavs into the future!

Feb 18, 2015

Kirk came on the podcast and we were all over the place. We talked about Twitter fights and sports and all kinds of stuff. Here's a more detailed list.

  • Bomani Jones and the continual Cleveland anger parade
  • Kirk and his block party on Twitter
  • Kirk is going to give something up for Lent
  • The deep freeze versus the Spring thaw
  • How are the Buckeyes doing in basketball?
  • Thad Matta and what he is and isn’t good at
  • Indians hype and how exciting this year’s team can be
  • Barry Zito and Indians fans hating it
  • Gavin Floyd vs. Brett Myers
  • Jason Giambi vs. A-Rod and Roger Clemens
  • Cavs second half and not wanting Kevin Garnett or Paul Pierce even for free
  • Kevin Garnett goaltending after the whistle
  • Who does Kirk want the Cavs to go after for the stretch run?
Feb 17, 2015

David Sterling and Craig Lyndall discuss all the stuff in and around sports.

  • The new math and how different it is
  • Spicy hot sports takes and eating spicy food
  • Roger Goodell makes a sickening amount of money and he shouldn't
  • Overbearing charity campaigns and what actually goes to charities
  • Kevin Garnett is a jerk
  • LeBron James and New York
  • We get it New York
  • Are the smartest fans really in New York?
  • Speaking directly to Dan Gilbert about the single game ticket program
  • Pricing tickets and the complexities of getting into games
  • Disney Junior live on ice
  • Being sold a car versus wanting to buy a car
  • The Wahoo debate and not debating it anymore
  • The Akron Rubber Ducks
  • Would Albert Belle be able to survive in today’s MLB?
  • Mike Polk video about Kyle Shanahan’s powerpoint

Feb 14, 2015

Dave invited Andrew to spend some quality time this evening, and here is what they covered.

  • Cavs at the all star break.
  • Referendum? Are we scared by the bulls? or was it just one night?
  • What do you want? Guard depth or big man depth?
  • Deli as a backup...drop off from Kyrie is matter who the backup is.
  • LeBron and Kevin Love and sub-tweets
  • Put the team out there in costume team, uncle drew, wes, and old timer lebron. Mosgov is fine as is.
  • embrace the male patter baldness lebron!
  • celebrity haircuts
  • Jimmy Haslam talks about being punched in the gut.
  • Jimmy Haslam's bliss.
  • Randy Lerner vs Haslam owner style
  • New browns uniforms? Why mess with a good thing? or time for a change?
  • #browns @browns
  • Better Call Saul,
  • The Americans

Feb 12, 2015

It was good to catch up with Jacob and talk about a lot of stuff. Mostly we talked about the business of baseball and baseball finances. We also discussed watching sports on the West Coast.

  • Baseball mode vs. basketball mode
  • The Cavaliers and playing the poker hand in the playoffs
  • The Indians and how they start vs. how they finish
  • The Kluber extension and whether it’s a good idea
  • Should the Indians extend Corey Kluber at all or make him earn each deal thereafter?
  • Beating a dead horse on Kluber’s extension talks
  • Dolans and how they run their team
  • Rooting for the business interests of your owner
  • Swisher starting crap with Kenny Lofton
  • Variable ticket pricing and team P.R.
  • Splitting up season tickets
  • 5 PM Cavs on the West Coast
  • 10 AM Browns games
Feb 10, 2015

It's been too long since Craig and Dave podcasted, so here's a nice long list of things we did.

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger impressions
  • Written “Get to the Choppa impressions.”
  • The Cleveland Browns ruined the world
  • Former Employees Be Crazy
  • Did Kyle Shanahan throw a grenade over his shoulder?
  • Brian Hoyer is a mediocre cheesburger
  • Brian Hoyer is Bob Evans
  • Measles
  • Kids cribs and moving to beds
  • Cleveland Cavaliers fun and not being on the ledge
  • Dave Sterling is with Brian Spaeth with the Cavs’ effort level
  • J.R. Smith is a way better passer than I thought
  • What does everything say about Dion Waiters?
  • If LeBron hadn’t done The Decision, half of Cleveland would have followed him
  • Is there anything wrong with being so emotionally invested?
  • Vouching for someone and regretting it
  • Doug Trattner and the Choolah the yelp reviews
  • McFarland USA movie
  • D2 the Mighty Ducks
  • Blades of Glory with Will Ferrell and Napoleon Dynamite
  • Beyonce vs. Beck and the Grammys
  • Avatar vs. The Hurt Locker

Feb 6, 2015

For the first time on the podcast, I talked to @nominataur who is a fixture in the Cleveland Twitterverse.

  • Super spicy hot takes on Youtube
  • The Nationwide commercial
  • Deflategate and the word gate
  • Blount getting popped with pot and playing a whole year and starting in the Super Bowl
  • The Dolanz R CHEAPZ
  • The drafting of the Cleveland Indians has gotten better
  • Talk Cleveland Indians in Cleveland is hard
  • Mark Shapiro and Chris Antonetti getting a bad rap
  • The playoffs and the Indians
  • Breaking the Indians perception issue

Feb 4, 2015

I called up Jack from WayneEmbrysKids and the Cavs Zine to discuss all the Cavs things that have gone on up to this point.

  • Brian Windhorst's report about Andrew Wiggins and LRMR
  • Kevin Love's struggles
  • Kyrie Irving coming into his own
  • The Kyrie 55-point night against Portland
  • Mike Fratello's Cavs
  • The Cavs and what could have been with a healthy Brad Daugherty
  • Mike Brown and how much of success is attributed to luck
  • The Celtics and their amazing first season together
  • Johnny Manziel goes to rehab
  • Johnny Manziel might have to move
  • Josh Gordon and balancing against the NFL's rules