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Hosted by Craig Lyndall, the Waiting For Next Year podcast is about Cleveland sports mostly. Other topics include the media, culture and anything else we feel like talking about.
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Jan 30, 2015

It's been a long time since Denny and I got together and talked. It's been a long time since we chatted.

  • First birthday party for Denny’s daughter
  • Filing new kids toys in and filing other stuff out
  • Ohio State wins the whole shebang
  • Denny’s relationship to sports and Ohio State
  • Braxton Miller and what he’s earned in terms of benefit of the doubt
  • Tyson Gentry post and what he’s doing with his foundation
  • Not being rewarded for working hard at writing on the Internet
  • Rewarded for effort on the Internet vs. buzz words
  • The dynamics of sports media and WFNY
  • Age and getting older and stuff
  • Gray hair and the aging process
  • Denny getting back to running

Jan 23, 2015

I can't begin to describe all the things we talked about in this podcast. Will Burge did the Scene Podcast with me, and there was a crossover between he and Chad Zumock, so I had them both on for the first part of the podcast. We talked about a whole bunch of stuff and then Will left and Chad and I discussed the Cavaliers, mostly.

Just a great listen and a great hang with Chad and Will.

Jan 23, 2015

Will Gibson somehow convinced me to talk about the Royal Rumble on the WFNY podcast. I'm down to talk about anything at least once. I can't see WWE becoming a regular topic, but I had no problem going down the nostalgic path to talk about WWE. Here's what else we talked about.

  • The Cavaliers traded Dion Waiters for three players better than Dion Waiters
  • Why couldn’t Kyrie and Kevin Love win any games by themselves?
  • The media s***show around the Pats and their balls
  • The political comparison to the Pats football issue
  • First Take and Pardon the Interruption starting the talking heads wars
  • Embracing debate on ESPN
  • First WWE pay per view Will ever ordered
  • Tuesday in Texas PPV
  • The Royal Rumble event
  • Brock Lesnar in a triple threat match against John Cena and Seth Rollins
  • Behind the angles at the Royal Rumble
  • John Cena is the Matthew Dellavadova of the WWE
  • The Royal Rumble repeatable moments
  • Will Mr. Perfect make an appearance?

Jan 19, 2015

Off to another fine week of podcasting. I caught up with Dave Sterling (@dimoko)after his week of travel and we discussed lots of sports stuff, plus video games.

  • Watching McFarland USA live and doing a movie podcast on it
  • The Super Bowl is set with the Pats set to face the Seahawks
  • Packers loss compared to Browns losses?
  • The Drive, The Fumble
  • Trent Richardson doesn’t travel for “personal reasons” to AFC Championship game
  • Craig beats his son at Wii bowling
  • Borderlands Prequel
  • Video games Heroes Charge, League of Legends
  • Nerds vs. Jocks
  • The Superbowl party routine
  • Dave’s flight story

Jan 17, 2015

I decided to go solo for this podcast because I've been thinking a lot about a lot of things lately and just wanted to get them out. I've been listening to a lot of the A to Z podcast with Andre Knott and Zac Jackson and it's had me thinking about the Browns in a new way. Also, my thoughts on the Cavs this year and Cardale Jones' football decision.

  • Cleveland Browns and Zach Jackson and Andre Knott talking about Majoring in the Minor
  • Kyle Shanahan is a guy who majors in the minor
  • Again worrying about Jimmy Haslam and wondering what he’ll be
  • The Cleveland Cavaliers and how they’re a poker hand
  • LeBron plus Kyrie plus Kevin Love
  • Cardale Jones and his football decision

Jan 16, 2015

I grabbed Sam Allard from Cleveland Scene Magazine to discuss the ever-frustrating Cavaliers. Sam watches the Cavs and occasionally writes stories about them, including a pre-season profile on Cavaliers coach Mike Brown upon his return. Isn't it funny what time does to sports stories?

  • The Cavaliers and their struggles
  • Kevin Love playing through injuries
  • The Cavaliers talking about the regular season
  • Can the fans take the regular season
  • The Cavs lack of defense
  • The NBA and buddyball
  • The body language absolutely stinks with the Cavs right now
  • Dion Waiters with the OKC Thunder
  • Iman Shumpert starting?
  • Blake Griffin and his parents
  • Still loving Delonte West

Jan 14, 2015

Craig and Andrew fail miserably at their First Take audition. Both Craig and Andrew aren't panicked by the Cavaliers and their struggles.... yet. Here's what else we discussed.

  • Are you ready to fire Blatt?
  • The Cavaliers have not been pleasant to watch
  • The Cavaliers have one of the best rosters in the NBA
  • The Cavaliers will be the best team they can be in the playoffs this season
  • The Dion Waiters trade and people missing him
  • J.R. Smith and Iman Shumpert are both better than Dion Waiters individually
  • Chris Mihm was tall
  • I have fonder basketball memories of Jamario Moon than Dion Waiters
  • Waiting out the Iman Shumpert injury impacted people’s view of the trade
  • The Timofey Mozgov trade
  • How much value does Timofey Mozgov have?
  • David Blatt’s max contract comment on Kevin Love
  • The Cavaliers filling gaps
  • The Cavaliers are at an advantage with potential signings of veteran players
  • The chances of getting Tayshaun Prince or Jameer Nelson or Ray Allen
  • Not panicking unless the Cavs will miss the playoffs

Jan 14, 2015

The Ohio State Buckeyes are the best team in college football and they proved it on the field. I dialed up Andrew from WFNY and we talked about basically everything you could possibly discuss with regard to the big win.

  • Ohio State beats Oregon in a pretty clean game
  • Losing the turnover battle and still winning pretty handily
  • Comparing this National Championship to the 2002 title
  • Comparing Jim Tressel to Urban Meyer
  • The best parts of the College Playoff
  • Having the new schedule of bowl games
  • Cardale Jones and what he should do with his career
  • What round of the draft would Cardale get drafted in?
  • Would Cardale Jones have won the Virginia Tech game?
  • LeBron loves to be a mentor, but we don’t know if he’s good at it
  • Braxton Miller and his accidental Twitter thing
  • Kirk Herbstreit blocked Craig on Twitter
  • 11Warriors blocked Andrew on Twitter
  • The ESPN megacast
  • The local announcers
  • Watching First Take
  • Danny Kanell does a great job with analysis
  • Reveling in the negative and refusing to take nice things
  • Twitter is a place to rally against enjoying things
  • The enormity of Ohio State winning this championship
Jan 11, 2015

Dave and Craig talked about a lot of things involving Cleveland sports and video games.

  • Shanahan gone
  • Cavs transition
  • Kevin Love
  • Indians attendance woes
  • We didn't talk about Brian Spaeth
  • LAN parties and playing RTS
  • We want the Indians to lie
  • Frank Caliendo 
  • The nature of good impressions
  • bad radio commercials
  • Ray Romano impressions

Jan 7, 2015

Dave Sterling (@dimoko) caught up with Scott (@WFNYScott) and they talked about a lot of Cleveland sports topics for about an hour. 

  • Kyle Shanahan interviewing for head coaching gigs
  • Browns personnel people texting the sidelines about playcalling
  • Cleveland Browns draft strategy for coaches vs. front office
  • Dion Waiters bittersweet exit from the Cavaliers
  • Two non-college sports types who love this Ohio State football team (all of a sudden)
  • Oregon's uniforms.
  • Nike shoes, sneaker culture, middle school problems.
  • bad sports radio ads.
  • sports movies
  • and much much more.