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Hosted by Craig Lyndall, the Waiting For Next Year podcast is about Cleveland sports mostly. Other topics include the media, culture and anything else we feel like talking about.
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Jan 29, 2014

It's always great to catch up with Dennis Manoloff (follow D-Man on Twitter) and it has been too long since I have done so. D-Man talked to me about a variety of topics today from the Browns hiring Mike Pettine, philisophically how he treats the Pilot Flying J case as a Browns story, and Anthony Bennett.

Does Anthony Bennett still belongs in the d-league after his breakout night?

What are the chances that Ubaldo Jimenez is back with the Tribe?

Will T.J. Ward or Alex Mack be back with the Browns?

How much blame should Mike Brown take for the Cavs' woes?

What does D-Man think of the cold-weather Super Bowl?

What are his predictions for "The Big Game?"

Jan 27, 2014

I don't go to the "friend" card on the podcast very often but when you have a friend who works in the business of the spoken word, it seems like a good place to go. My friend Chris grew up in Cleveland and relocated to Charlotte about 15 years ago. He keeps up with all the CLE sports just like the rest of us and sometimes uses them in his art, namely his poetry. CB has a poem he recently did about his revelations about Chief Wahoo and we talked about that... you know after we got the Browns and Anthony Bennett talk out of the way.

You can follow Chris on Twitter.

Here's the movie he referenced on the Podcast. Asphalt Revolution.

Jan 25, 2014

We don't do a regular Monday morning podcast with Scott Raab anymore, but whenever there's something that needs to be discussed, he's there for us. With the Browns' hiring of Mike Pettine and ending the lengthy coaching search, it was a good time to catch up.

We discussed the Browns' search. We discussed Mike Pettine as a candidate. We discussed the challenges facing the Browns going forward and we even fit in a bit of Cavs talk with Chris Grant and Anthony Bennett. 


Jan 22, 2014

It's always great to catch up with Martin Rickman, even without a locked down agenda. We ended up talking about lots of cool topics. Make sure you follow Martin Rickman on Twitter.

The Browns and their coaching search

The Browns only won four games and yet nobody thought they should have fired their coach

Is the Browns’ plan awry? Is there any proof that it is?

Is there anything available in the way of proof to indicate the Browns are doing anything well?

Free agency and what the Browns’ reputation does to the roster and personnel

Martin talks about what he knows about Dan Quinn

Trying to deduce who will be a good coach from a nebulous resume

Needing opposing voices in a successful organization

The Browns competing with the Colts in Craig’s household

Martin Rickman’s best of 2013

Ghostface and Chance the Rapper

Chvrches and Arcade Fire

The kind of crowd that Lou Reed used to draw

Signing day and Martin’s thoughts about it

The hat fake-out maneuver

Jan 21, 2014

It may be January 20th, but Andrew and I just got to our top music of 2013. We used Andrew's top ten, played some short clips, and then I unleashed some of my favorites at the end in a less-structured way. Andrew will have a more detailed write-up with lists and things on WFNY tomorrow. For now, enjoy the podcast.

Jan 17, 2014

Denny continues to be a doting father and Jon came in to do some podcasting. We talked about a lot of random things.

WFNY going viral with Mike Pettine’s daughter’s tweet

Baby photos and storage

Owning the IT solution vs getting the job done

Reading the instructions helps a lot

The genius bar and putting fanciness above convenience

Buying a touch screen notebook

Loving the music from your high school years

Listening to music while running

Setting up a musical playlist for races

The corporate lifestyle and whether you can do it or not

Corporate rules to try and make good employees out of bad

Short sleeve and tie 

What is Jon watching?

Masters of Sex, Homeland and Walking Dead

Shaving and having the five o’clock shadow

Jan 15, 2014

Dave Bryan from Steelers Depot (@SteelersDepot) is one of the best podcast guests we have. He's super knowledgable, and is always great at breaking down what's happening without the rose-colored glasses.

Dave Bryan and not being a homer for the Steelers

Is there ever a justification for firing a coach after one year?

Brian Hoyer and whether he can get the Browns to the next franchise QB

The perception of the Browns head coaching job

Adam Gase and why is he such an attractive candidate?

Josh McDaniels and his taking his name out

Jim Caldwell and Whisenhunt

Jake Locker and what can become of it

Chris Johnson and his poison contract

Ray Horton ending up with Whisenhunt in Tennessee

Ray Horton’s defense and Dick LeBeau’s defense

Chud talking to other potential coaching candidates

The hiring of Mike Tomlin in Pittsburgh

T.J. Ward and Alex Mack better be brought back

Alex Mack and how the Browns need to bring him back

Moving Schwartz to guard and getting a new right tackle

The All-22 version of the national championship game

Football attendance at games

Making NFL stadiums smaller over time

Browns fan experience in the stadium is far better

The government attacking TV blackout policies

Dave would be shocked if the Browns didn’t bring back Ward and Mack

Did the Browns waste a year of not front-loading deals?

The Browns can only franchise one player between Ward and Mack

The Steelers and the Shamarko Thomas deal with Cleveland

Johnny Football and whether the Steelers would be concerned about him

Johnny Manziel is a guy that you root against

Manziel as a boom or bust guy

Could Brian Hoyer be that bridge to the QB of the future?

The Ben Roethlisberger extension

Jan 13, 2014

Today I wanted to talk about the national and local perspective of the Cavs and the Browns. It feels so paranoid, angry and negative locally, but that also can sometimes feel accurate. In various cases, that perspective is backed up nationally. So what's the right perspective?

I talked to Cleveland Scene's new owner Andrew Zelman and on of Scene's many resident sports fans, Sam Allard.

You should follow these guys on Twitter as well.

Andrew Zelman is @AZFromCleveland

Sam Allard is @SceneSallard

Jan 10, 2014

While Denny is still taking care of his adorable baby in her first days, Brian Spaeth (@BrianSpaeth) and Ben Cox (@WFNYBen) stepped up to help out with the Casual Friday podcast. So, naturally we talked about sports and movies.

  • The Wolf of Wall Street discussion with Brian Spaeth and Ben Cox
  • Telling the story of Jordan Belfort as he told it
  • The agent in the subway allowing Belfort to win as a directorial decision
  • All the extra scenes of excess and how that was a device for Scorcese
  • How excited is Ben to see Luol Deng’s first game?
  • How mediocre did the Deng trade just make the Cavaliers
  • The NBA and tanking
  • You can draft anywhere and succeed
  • What’s the success rate of the #1 pick in the NBA draft?
  • What’s the success rate of the #1 pick in the NFL draft?
  • Kevin Costner had no work for a decade and now he can’t stop working
  • Brian takes on Man of Steel again
  • The Superman movie needs to have the Thor tone
  • Was Zack Snyder’s take on Superman worthwhile?
  • What movies does Ben rush out and see?
  • Brian never saw the Alien movies prior to Prometheus
  • American Hustle and how it didn’t quite deliver
  • The Walking Dead as compared to American Hustle
  • Sometimes Craig can be distracted with a pinwheel
  • Kevin Smith and how he makes everyone think he’s their friend
  • The Star Wars prequels and how Brian likes them
  • The less is more model to keep art precious

Jan 8, 2014

I was very happy that Marla Ridenour was willing to come on the podcast today. She's always a great read, but her work has been particularly noteworthy in her coverage of the Browns since they decided to fire Rob Chudzinksi. She's pulled no punches as she put Joe Banner and Michael Lombardi on notice. We discussed that for most of the podcast before also touching on the Cavaliers, their trade for Luol Deng and Ridenour's belief that the Cavaliers will not send Anthony Bennett to the D-League.

You can follow Marla Ridenour on Twitter @MRidenourABJ.

Also, see some of her Browns coverage that I was referring to in the podcast.

Browns’ three-ring circus leaves Joe Banner, Mike Lombardi next in firing cannon

Also on the Luol Deng trade...

Young Cavs needed Deng trade for their battered psyches

Jan 7, 2014

I wanted to catch up with Dan Parker to talk about the Browns, music and other stuff.

  • Pictures of thermometers
  • Regardless of if the Browns made the right move, they embarrassed themselves
  • The Rob Chudzinski rumors and when you finally believed it
  • How much of the Chud firing was the “pissed off billionaire” ethic?
  • Could Jimmy Haslam become a Jerry Jones type?
  • Joe Banner and what is his burden
  • Chud and his relationship to Hoyer
  • How hard is it to decide on a QB in training camp?
  • Josh McDaniels and whether he would impress us in an interview
  • Jim Schwartz and what defense he might run
  • It’s typical Cleveland to watch the Chiefs blow a lead in second half
  • Chud + McGahee
  • DP is ticked off by A Perfect Circle’s boxed set
  • A Perfect Circle’s version of The Spaghetti Incident
  • Holding music hostage in the digital age
  • The weird relationship between bands and artists in the modern world
  • The Super Bowl in New York and having a cold weather Super Bowl

Jan 7, 2014

This turned out to be a wholly depressing podcast where Ben talked down the idea of bringing in Pau Gasol because there's just no means to an end with what the Cavaliers have put together. At least that's how it felt on January 6th, 2014.

  • Ragging on Josh Flagner to start the podcast
  • Is Andrew Bynum indicative of a larger NBA problem?
  • Player movement and trying to control it
  • Separating union conversations from pro sports financial conversations
  • Ben doesn’t even want Pau Gasol
  • What does Pau give the Cavaliers?
  • How quickly will Pau Gasol be able to integrate into the team?
  • If the Cavs were playing young, then the Cavaliers should compete for the playoffs
  • Should Anthony Bennett play more?
  • So now that the Cavs are a mess, what do you do?
  • Bringing in Pau Gasol feels like chasing a bad poker pot
  • The only player the Cavs could trade that would make another team act stupidly is Kyrie Irving
  • The Wolf of Wall Street and what Ben didn’t like about it

Jan 6, 2014

First week in a long time without Scott Raab. First pinch hitter out of the gate was Andrew. We spent some time talking about the Browns and all their maneuvers along with how quiet it has generally been about Davone Bess.


Scott's post on Davone Bess is an interesting place to start.

- why is this topic going so under the radar? on the one hand we've heard that he has problems in his personal life, likely with his family. I understand the media not wanting to report that, but his pot pictures indicate some sort of meltdown.

 - on the other hand, some of the reaction to Scott's post seemed to indicate, "what's the big deal? It's pot and it's basically legal now!" that's something we talked about with chris perez earlier this year. Even if you don't have an ethical dilemma about pot (and I don't) that doesn't mean that it isn't some sort of self-destructive meltdown to have it shipped through the mail / post pics on instagram

 - does the Bess thing just have everything to do with the fact that the Browns are such a mess otherwise? 

- As for the Browns, obviously confidence is extremely shaken in the entire organization now, but does that preclude them from being right? Is it even possible in your mind that their story is just 100% true and they couldn't work with Chud despite their reasons for hiring him in the first place?

- if Chud was hard headed about playing McGahee, Little, Lauvao and others as opposed to moving on, would you consider those decent enough reasons for firing a guy? If they were so far off from being on the same page, isn't it the right move?

 - Are you shocked that a first time head coach like Chud would seemingly be willing to push back on his superiors? Do you think it was guidance from Norv Turner - who reportedly blew up at Banner in his meeting - for standing his ground?

- Lastly, we'll talk Cavs. What are the going to do with Bynum. I'm hoping it's done before we record, honestly. Otherwise, we can talk about Grant and how hot his seat might be at this point.

Jan 1, 2014
The first podcast of 2014 goes to Brian Spaeth. (Follow Brian on Twitter @brianspaeth) - We'd been meaning to talk for a while about the Cavaliers, and the news has been so intense around the Browns that Brian talked about that team for once. He doesn't do that one often.
An enjoyable conversation to start the new year. Here are some of the particulars.
  • Brians Spaeth talks sports
  • Is New Year’s Eve a breakup holiday?
  • The Cleveland Browns and what Brian’s take is on them
  • It’s hard for Brian to take them seriously
  • The timing of the Browns blowing it up
  • Alec Scheiner taking responsibility for the snow mess-up
  • The Browns just look dumb
  • Interesting for the Browns it would have been easy to keep Chud
  • The Cavaliers are a joke as well
  • The Cavs and how little sense the roster makes
  • Is Dan Gilbert a good sports owner?
  • What the Browns said about Chud “not needing more time” applies to the Cavaliers
  • Not wanting to talk about Cleveland sports
  • Talking about attendance in 2014 and comparing Browns to Indians
  • The movie business and why it’s hard for things to converge
  • Early adopters of technology