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Hosted by Craig Lyndall, the Waiting For Next Year podcast is about Cleveland sports mostly. Other topics include the media, culture and anything else we feel like talking about.
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Sep 30, 2013

Scott and Craig have their first of (hopefully) many really happy podcasts. I admit that I was practically giddy talking about the Tribe game on Wednesday.

Can Scott Raab be happy when Cleveland sports enables him to do so?
Criticism vs. love and all the emotions in between
The amount of hate in love and lifelong commitment
“Please stay away, don’t come back”
Interviewing Patrick Stewart and racing home for the Tribe game
Scott streamed the Browns even though he swore them off
The Muni Lot and the the 7 AM opening time
Tailgating in your living room the night before the game
The “here we go Brownies” chant and how it’s been a parody because the team hasn’t won
Brian Hoyer and his overwhelming competence on the field
Brandon Weeden and the position he was put in
The effect of confidence and calmness
Naming the starting quarterback for Thursday
Trying to find long-term referendums from short-term results
Holding the front office accountable for the Trent Richardson trade
I guess I shouldn’t try to talk anyone out of being optimistic
Craig thinks he was wrong about Buster Skrine
Danny Salazar starting the Wild Card game
The Jason Giambi era in Cleveland
Terry Francona pulling all the right strings
Chris Perez talking to the press yesterday
Trying to defend Chris Perez and how he’s just immature in Craig’s opinion
We all know we have holes in our game
Justin Masterson as a weapon in the bullpen
Six seasons is a lifetime in baseball
Cleveland is not St. Louis, but it’s definitely not Tampa either
The Indians sold out the Wednesday Wild Card game
The loss of big name players and how they haven’t been replaced
Scott prefers that the Indians get Texas over Tampa
Chris Antonetti and giving him credit for once
Francona and Brian Hoyer showing extreme competence
Stipe Miocic’s tweet to end the podcast

Sep 23, 2013

We showed Will Leitch around when he was in Cleveland and now I got him to come talk on the podcast. This was scheduled for a while, and it was just dumb luck that there was something big like the Trent Richardson trade to talk about. 

The USMNT and the hipster patriotism
Lee Greenwood and how that song sucks
The Trent Richardson trade after Will Leitch visited
The value of the trade and making that choice
The tone deafness of Trent Richardson trade
“It’s a business” for everyone but sports fans
The tone deafness of the Indians and the Thome statue
Rebranding the championship the Super Bowl
The dead jersey graveyard in Cleveland vs. the dead jersey graveyard in Indianapolis
The accountability punted down the road for Joe Banner
The parity of the NFL and how everyone gets a turn

Sep 23, 2013

The Browns won, the Indians won and I also forced Scott to talk to us about his writing process. I just figure to have a writer of Scott's stature on the podcast and not occasionally talk about the job of writing would be insane. He's nice enough to put up with the topic on occasion.

Craig on vacation in Virginia Beach
The Cleveland Browns win against the Vikings
The Trent Richardson deal goes down
Rooting for the team but tuning out so you don’t have to invest in it
Joe Banner and his reputation
Michael Lombardi’s potential for floating rumors about Josh Gordon
The franchise quarterback conundrum
Bernie Kosar and the Browns competing for Super Bowls
The media and fans congratulating the Joe Banner / Mike Lombardi front office for getting a first round draft pick
Trick plays and gimmicking their way to a win
Christian Ponder and when he was picked
The AFC North and the lack of #1 quarterbacks in the division
Brandon Weeden and when we should see him again
“We’ve got to see what we have in….”
Tony Grossi, Eric Mangini and the finger that needed to be pointed at Lerner
The Cleveland Indians and Michael Bourn
Technical writing information on environment from Scott Raab

Sep 19, 2013

Tom Reed is a great reporter and always a really thoughtful podcast guest, so I wanted to get his take on the Browns trade, the mood in Berea following the trade and what it all means for the future.

Tanking and how the idea of it ever came to be
How did the Browns do selling this to the fans?
Giving up on Trent Richardson this early is truly shocking
The pressure that Joe Banner and Michael Lombardi just put on themselves yesterday
Brandon Weeden and what are the chances he’s going to be the QB
Could the Browns comment on how they feel about Brandon Weeden?
Michael Lombardi’s plans have all come to fruition
Ray Horton and his ability to keep the defense focused
What does this do to the Browns ability to keep their free agents?
Recommending everyone listens to “Sirens” by Pearl Jam

Sep 19, 2013

There's very little to say about this in terms of show notes. I wanted Scott's take on the Browns trade of Trent Richardson and I didn't think it should wait until the following Monday morning. Scott and I talked about the trade itself, the spin job that's brewing in the media and just how shocked that we're even shocked as a Cleveland sports fan base seems to be a way of life.

Sep 16, 2013

Sigur Ros show at Nautica

LeBron’s wedding on Yom Kippur

The Cleveland Indians and their ability to grab the casual fans

Michael Bourn and the attendance question

Scott screams “I’m not done!” at Craig to continue his point. :-)

The beginning part of the Bourn quote

The Indians pitching staff with Kluber, Salazar and Ubaldo Jimenez

Carlos Carrasco and his ability to be in the bullpen

The Indians never sign one of their own guys so they don’t have the leverage

Grady Sizemore and his star power

The Indians sold that they were the smartest in the room and people bought it

Looking at the attendance from series to series and game to game

The front office should initiate the conversation about year over year attendance

Would the Indians sellout a home playoff game?

Who asked the Michael Bourn question?

The Cleveland Browns and the lack of entertainment

The Cleveland Browns and how they don’t have an NFL quarterback

The pass to Chris Ogbonnaya and the sideline reaction to him missing it

The Browns coaching staff and what’s happening with the Browns offense

What’s the deal with Trent Richardson?

Just how boring it is to watch the Browns

The penalties and the delays of games and illegal formations, etc.

The element of despair for long-time Cleveland sports fans

Chief Wahoo and the Cleveland Indians name

Being on the wrong side of history with your team name

Cleveland fans as crabs in a bucket

Barkevious Mingo looking good

Sep 13, 2013

Another week of Casual Friday in the books talking to Denny. We talked about away fans, Apple (the company,) home construction, brand rivalries and preferred vacation styles.

The Browns playing in Baltimore and Denny’s lack of desire to go to the game
Away team gear in a foreign stadium
Away fan cheering and the desire for confrontation
Women walking around without fear of physical confrontation
The chain home depot vs. the neighborhood hardware store
Fixing a cracking roof
Old school roof tarring
Using safety equipment doesn’t make you a wuss
How old is a house with plaster walls?
Plaster is more artistry than it is technical know-how
Vacation preferences… Resort or rental house?
Resort experiences
Acting like you’re a local when you’re on vacation
Watching movies on the way down is selfish for parents
Being underwhelmed by the iPhone announcement and Apple
TV technology will continue to underwhelm
iPad mini and what to get when you get frozen by specs
How important is the retina display?
How much time we spend arguing and parsing technological decisions
Where does the brand rivalry come from and where is it perpetuated?
Totino’s pizza rolls
Having access to a deep fryer in your house
Craig nearly setting his house on fire
J Roddy Walston and the Business

Sep 12, 2013

I wanted to talk to Will Burge about life after WKNR and also the latest on the Cleveland Browns. It was a really nice chat about that and Master Pizza and everything else.

Leaving WKNR
Will Burge trying stand up comedy
Stand up comedy is a writing gig more than a performance gig
BleacherReport and 92.3 the Fan
The “radio rivalry” between sports stations in Cleveland
Oneil Cousins playing guard in game 2
Weeden and his role in the failures of protection
The Browns defensive line against the Baltimore’s offensive line
Looking at Desmond Bryant’s mugshot instead of paying attention to the quality of the acquisition
The Bleacher Report and second thoughts about joining them considering their history
Tony Grossi and what it was like to work with him

Sep 12, 2013

Jon and Craig haven't talked in a very long time, so we went and talked for a very long time.

Cleveland Browns gameday experience and the third down music
Third down music and Craig’s attempt to fix it
Buster Skrine vs. Francisco Lindor
Rick’s Oneil Cousins film room piece
Crucifying the player vs. the player who was forced into duty
Casey Blake vs. Mike Aviles and Ryan Raburn
Spot players vs. everyday players
Yan Gomes and his growing playing time with Terry Francona
The respect for Terry Francona allowing the team to do what they want
How can the Indians get better next year
Is Lonnie Chisenhall going to be replaced this offseason?
What to do with Asdrubal Cabrera and Chris Perez
The media and the state of beat reporting
Ryan Seacrest and how hating people like him and Matt Underwood says more about you than it does about them
Indians attendance and how it sucks us all in
The LeBron effect on all Cleveland sports
Michael Bourn’s quote about Indians attendance
Paying for my playoff shares of tickets
Just how long ago the 2007 playoffs were
MLB’s one game playoff should never have happened
Playoff chaos theory in baseball

Sep 9, 2013

What would Monday mornings be if there was a bunch of happy stuff to talk about? Someday I hope to find out during the run of podcasts with Scott Raab. This week, though, we discussed the Browns' loss to the Dolphins yesterday and also the conitinual shaming of Cleveland sports fans by the media over attendance issues.

Scott Raab drives into NYC to hang with a local chapter of the Browns backers

Cleveland Browns Andre Rison jerseys

The prediction culture in the NFL

Predictions vs. holding the team accountable

Brandon Weeden and who gives them the best chance to win

The Browns absolutely will be looking for another quarterback

Ryan Tannehill and his battery with Brian Hartline

Are you a real fan?

The media pointing at fans and blaming them for attendance

The attendance and the factors that lead to this

Stability is a good thing, but it can also be a bad thing

The failure loop of the Cleveland Indians

Terry Francona’s arrival bought Shapiro and Antonetti one last chance with Craig, but not with Scott

Sep 7, 2013

Every now and again we like to talk music at WFNY. Andrew and I are huge fans of Nine Inch Nails and we both had an urge to talk about the latest from Trent Reznor and also how it fits into his career arc.

The first good album since The Fragile
With Teeth was a disappointment and Reznor seemed off
What happens to music when you don’t have things to scream about anymore?
Writing sad songs and how that grabs people
Rage Against the Machine has to burn out after a while
What do bands scream about when they don’t have anything to scream about anymore?
Fred Durst and his career choices
Pearl Jam and getting to the point where they didn’t talk about themselves
Trent Reznor getting back to NIN after saying it was done
Trent Reznor sounds confident or comfortable or ready to be where he is
The danger of instantaneous feedback loops and art

Sep 7, 2013

Week one is finally here! Craig and Andrew break down the matchup week one between the Cleveland Browns and the Dolphins. 

Ravens vs. the Broncos
The value of Anquan Boldin
What do you make of the Dolphins?
Can the Browns come out and take care of business week one
Moving on after the departure of Reggie Bush
Browns leading by playing defense and running the ball 

Sep 6, 2013

Denny and I continue the Casual Friday series of podcasts with talk about fantasy football, beer pong, Brian Dunkleman and more.

Why do people hate Ryan Seacrest?

Thinking about Brian Dunkleman

Denny’s brush with bro dude beer guy at a party

How do you play beer pong?

Is it beer pong or Beirut?

Craig’s fantasy draft moving to an auction style

Fantasy basketball

Instantaneous reaction and how it affects your relationship with art

Running and the NYC marathon

Trying not to sound like a snob

Running on towpaths vs. roads

Sep 3, 2013

Cleveland Magazine put out their football issue last week and I wanted to talk to my friend Jason Brill about it. Jason is the Assistant Editor of Cleveland Magazine and he talked to me about the issue and some of the behind-the-scenes things that went into putting it together.

Jason Brill - assistant editor of Cleveland Magazine
Andre Knot talking to a lot of the NFL players and former Browns
High school football in Cleveland and the extensive history
Browns backers map and talking to 35 different groups
The high school charity game at the stadium where 70,000 people showed up
What’s it like to email Condoleeza Rice?
The Cleveland Browns could have become America’s Team
Talking to Greg Pruitt
Anthony Lima’s being named one of Cleveland’s 20 sexiest singles

Sep 2, 2013

As I've been doing the last few weeks, I'm passing on writing notes as the podcast goes along so that I can be "in the moment." So, here's the email I sent to Scott on Sunday night that sparked the rest of the podcast.


Tebow is cut. Nobody makes a waiver claim. Is the NFL finally free of Tim Tebow? More importantly, we know Bill Belichick is great, but can we stop pretending like he can turn dog poop into gold? He has a track record of finding good players and finding ways to use them to their maximum. He's never been known for taking non-players and doing anything with them other than cutting them... which is what he did to Tebow yesterday.

Good news! Buster Skrine rose up and won the second cornerback job opposite Joe Haden. Maybe these guys know what they're doing, but they've really left their chins open on this one if Buster get burned early and often this season.

Same with kicker. I got a Facebook message from a friend who went into his fantasy draft and took Shayne Graham because USA Today had him rated as the fifth best fantasy option at kicker. Apparently not so much for the Browns who still don't have a kicker after having a punter kick field goals in the fourth pre-season game.

On the bright side, the Browns do have a #1 running back and they attempted to use cuts to get better at the position by bringing in a couple of Dion Lewis types from Baltimore and Houston in Bobby Rainey and Dennis Johnson. Running back is the perfect position to try and improve via undrafted free agency and roster cuts. No sarcasm. Even with the Browns' history involving Ben Gay, I believe this to be true.

Finally on the Browns, they did a couple things that were notable merely because the Browns haven't been very competent in the past. The Browns not only hit the deadline for cuts but they almost immediately had coach Chudzinski available for comment. They don't deserve an award or a prize for it, but this level of competence to talk instead of being talked about is novel for Berea even if it shouldn't be.

I was taken aback by my own feelings on Sunday. After the Tribe stinking up another series with Detroit, somehow I still found myself eager to see the Tribe and their newest addition Jason Kubel on Sunday. I know that's kind of silly, but it's true and I couldn't help it. They reward us with a huge grand slam win in extras.

I listened to the end of the game because we were going somewhere, but I can only imagine what Chris Perez' outing looked like.

That's all I have for now. I also wanted to briefly talk about Cleveland Magazine's football issue in which you had a brief section. I'm going to talk to Jason Brill later in the week about the rest of the issue as well.