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Aug 30, 2013

It was a good night of talk with Denny. No real agenda, but we were able to concentrate on a few things.

Bulleit Rye Whiskey for Denny and decaf for Craig

Watching a high school soccer game with my son

Are any of the high school parents at games drunk?

Doing calisthenics with Ben before bed

Am I too old for 162 games of MLB baseball?

MLB app for baseball fans

MLB data centers for hosting video and cutting it up

Watching highlights on the MLB app could be a replacement for actually watching the game

Paychecks breed responsibility

The start of college football for Denny cutting the cord to TV

Apple TV ESPN not available for non-cable subscribers

Illegal streaming of sports broadcasts

Watching EPL games on the notebook

The SEC vs. the Big Ten

Backing up a brand like they’re a member of your family

ESPN hate and the SEC

Hiring Darren Rovell and whether you can cast an ESPN shadow on every employee

Getting creeped out by high school player ranking services

Rice cookers

Could you go without a microwave?

Brown rice vs. Jasmine rice

What do you generally use to cook the most?

Copper pots vs. stainless steel pots

Interning at a butcher

Starting a program that lets you intern for trades you’d like to learn

Does the modern world still value education?

Aug 28, 2013

It's been a bit since I talked to Martin Rickman on the Podcast so we went to work. No agenda to speak of and all of a sudden 45 minutes flew by. Hope you enjoy it.

Martin Rickman’s polished podcasting career with Chasing Mimi

Voyage of the Mimi and who exactly remembers it

Taking on a project with self-made deadlines and trying to explain it to family members

Learning how to make a solar still with Voyage of the Mimi

Martin’s new writing gig and how he took the call just before Star Trek started in the theater gig for Martin

Doing your very best work at all times

Relating to editors and using them

What if WaitingForNextYear could have an editor?

How outraged was Martin by Miley Cyrus on the VMAs?

Britney Spears and the Madonna kiss

Robin Thicke and his nude-filled video to gain attention

The least entertaining part of Blurred Lines is Robin Thicke and that’s not an insult to Robin Thicke

Are you in the MTV generation?

The commercials during the VMAs will let you know whether you’re in the generation or not

Slut-shaming Miley Cyrus and the rest of the outrage over the VMAs

Ja Rule’s most essential songs

What people are willing to say without a level of anonymity

People who want to identify as being a hillbilly

This is the End really stuck out to me as the best movie of the summer

Figuring out if you’re the audience for something before offering criticism

Is Craig a customer of McDonald’s?
Bojangles breakfast being superior to McDonald’s breakfast

Aug 27, 2013

It's all over folks. The Summer movie podcast of 2013 is in the books. Brian and Craig discuss some entertainment topics, review Kick-Ass 2 and then Brian ranks his movies of the summer. Craig's ranks will be up tomorrow.

  • Brian edits a video live on the podcast
  • How much money would you need to not watch the last episode of Breaking Bad?
  • How much would you need to not watch the Browns in the Super Bowl?
  • Ben Affleck as Batman and the outrage and hyperbole
  • Zach Snyder and whether or not he has the leeway to make the film he wants to make
  • Kick Ass 2 and how it missed the tone of the first film
  • Craig needs to embrace his feelings about Kick Ass 2
  • Jim Carrey’s role and performance
  • Jim Carrey’s refusal to promote

Brian Spaeth's Summer Movie Ranks for 2013

Tier 1 - Best movies of the summer
Fast 6

Tier 2 - Excellent
Pacific Rim
Iron Man 3

Tier 3 - Liked a lot some with reservations
Star Trek
2 Guns
World War Z

Tier 4 - Decent enough with major reservations
This is the End
The Wolverine

Tier 5 - Some great some good but the bad overshadows everything
Man of Steel

Tier 6 - Watchable I guess but not actually good
The Internship
White House Down

Tier 7 - Bad movies
Kick Ass 2

Tier 8 - Lowest Tier
After Earth
The Lone Ranger

Aug 26, 2013

Again this week, I thought I'd skip the bullet points and just send you the email I sent to Scott the night before the podcast. Wherever we end up is based on this email and the conversation that ensues. We ended up talking about concussions in football, Tribe attendance and any number of other topics including some from my Sunday night email below.


I'd love to spend some time talking about a packed pre-season game in a dome with cheerleaders and their fans wearing irrelevant jerseys. Because they've been so good for so long, save one bad year, even their dead jerseys aren't embarrassing. Dwight Freeney is gone but they still wear his jersey. Jeff Saturday is retired, but he was well represented. Peyton Manning, of course. Edgerrin James. Meanwhile I saw a Tim Couch jersey on the way in. Took a photo for evidence as if anyone would question it. As for the game itself...

Brandon Weeden stares down receivers. He's going to get Jordan Cameron murdered this season. I'd love to know your thoughts from TV. I feel like I missed a lot from being live.

Josh Cribbs cut by the Raiders. Is this the end for Mr. Cribbs? Now that he's not on the Browns anymore it makes it easier to be sympathetic toward him. Just a perfect example of how brutal the NFL is when it spits out 30 year olds, even if they have made a nice amount of money first.

It isn't Cleveland related, but Mark Sanchez and the Jets have been a favorite topic of mine for years now. I'm guessing you're close enough to that team (geographically) that you might have a take or two about Rex Ryan and all that went down this weekend. I can't help but get some interest out of the fact that Sanchez was the Browns' slotted pick and now MoMass threatens Braylon Edwards' roster spot in NYJ-land. Love that team for all the wrong reasons. I know it's unbecoming to pump yourself up by dragging others down, but it's sports.

Indians 1.5 back of the wild card as I type this. A's headed to Detroit. Indians have ATL, DET, BAL and NYM. I'm still disappointed that they didn't do more at the deadline than Zep-Chin-Ski, and I didn't get to watch a ton of live action this weekend, but I'm really focused on the Tribe anyway. I go back and forth between loving it and feeling salty that they haven't addressed enough needs. I think it might be me and not them at this point. And then I don't think it's my fault at all. I'm pretty schizophrenic about my feelings for the Tribe.

That's all I'm thinking of right now, but driving 6 hours to Indy on Friday and 6 hours back on Sunday with two kids is a pretty good reason why I might have missed a big topic.

Aug 23, 2013

We've debated having this podcast for a while, and finally decided to do it. Denny opens up about becoming a dad soon and we talk about all the important things like naming your kid, accumulating the right stuff, overthinking things and trying not to be overwhelmed and scared of other stuff.

The kid podcast with Denny

Finding out what you are having before the birth

Keeping secrets and having girls

Rooting for boys or girls?

Ultrasound tech telling jokes

Ultrasound pics on facebook

Taking classes for child birthing

Putting yourself on the birthing spectrum of prepared and unprepared

Infant CPR and forcing grandparents to go take that class

Being ready to have a kid in the house

The process of getting used to the kid being around

The wife gets to be project lead when it comes to baby time

Denny working hard to not make jokes

The baby registry and being very careful

Finding out Denny’s wife was pregnant before the Big Sur marathon

Pregnant wives make great designated drivers

Doing homework on kids stuff

Avoiding “stroller porn” and buying stuff on Craigslist

Picking out a daycare

Trying to describe the moments directly after your baby is born

Putting baby furniture together and the larger purpose

Naming the baby and the various processes

Naming your kid after Twilight

Having the kid fit the name you give them

Worrying about life choices for way too long when they don’t matter

Denny choosing cloth diapers

Aug 22, 2013

Craig and Mike Burgermeister (@jimkanicki) talked about lots of things from the Cleveland Browns to Soccer and the UFC. If you want to get in on the Cheddar Bay competition this year, please go to the site.

  • Talking Browns football with Jim Kanicki - Mike Burgermeister
  • Jim Kanicki’s actual history with the Browns
  • Why did Mike start his own site?
  • The Art Modell hall of fame post on Kanick’s website
  • Sports talk radio and how everyone becomes a critic of the medium
  • WEEI in the rockstar days in Boston
  • Talking UFC on WFNY
  • Mickey Ward vs. Arturo Gatti
  • UFC vs. Nascar vs. Soccer
  • Twitter criticism is fair, but doesn’t need to be sent directly to an athlete
  • Mike’s take that the Browns have too much cap space
  • The Browns had six holes and Browns addressed one of them
  • Could the Browns have invested more to winning this season?
  • The defensive line physicality at the point of attack is legit
  • Josh Gordon looking lazy because of his stride
  • Comparing Josh Gordon running to Terrelle Pryor
  • Davone Bess and how he might never be able to get through the diva act of his young receiving corps
  • Josh Gordon having a bullseye on his back
  • Cheddar Bay and the rigors of being involved
  • Rick is going to contribute to Cheddar Bay

Aug 19, 2013

This week, I'm going to save you the bullet points. Instead I'm going to share my pre-show email to Scott Raab (@ScottRaab64) with my ideas to discuss on the show. Doing this enabled me to stay in the podcast a bit more without typing notes as I went along. So here (with very few edits) is what I sent to Scott the night before we were ready to talk.

I enjoyed the Q&A with Andy Samberg. I just wanted to talk a little bit about how big he would have been in a different era with all his different talents around comedy. Just like we can't have another Beatles because of the change in the music business, it's increasingly difficult - even with the same TV show as a launching pad - for there to be another Bill Murray or even Sandler or Will Ferrell.

I enjoyed your Freedom Tower piece too. I wanted to discuss how anything 9/11-related is such a difficult "sell." World Trade Center movies haven't done particularly well. Kathryn Bigelow wins awards, but largely doesn't blow anyone away with box office receipts. And here you are telling an important story about the political dynamics of what should be the most important part of the re-development at the WTC site, and I still get the feeling that nobody wants to talk about it. What is it? Is it a defense mechanism? Fatigue? Something else? Do the blustery politicians from your piece prefer it that way?

The importance of our developing language has never been more apparent than seeing the real legacy of the New Orleans Saints bounty scandal. Not new safety rules for the game, but the media's incessant use of the term "cart-off" this pre-season. I don't remember "cart-off" being used so much prior to the Saints scandal, but now I see it on NFL Network and ESPN TV scrolls for injured player news. Why would they adopt something that they spent an entire year painting as completely dastardly?

Indians have a stronger record this season, but it's still a fade. Is a drastic record improvement over last year good enough, or is a year without playoffs a total waste? Are there shades of gray in this conversation?

Browns looked good, but Weeden still stares down his receivers. I'm heading to Indianapolis next week for the third pre-season game with my father-in-law, so let's talk about domes. Are you an outdoor football traditionalist? I'm not, and like the tailgating conversation, when I talk about domes I get into trouble with a percentage of the hardcore Browns fanbase.

Aug 16, 2013

Denny and Craig put another hour long casual Friday into the books. Come along for the ride. 

  • Sudafed + coffee = speed ball
  • Doctor Recommended concoctions with Denny
  • Friday Night Lights and older folks getting used to high school drama
  • End of the Road as a high school song
  • Rewatching Lost
  • The MTV Video Music Awards and how old you can be before you quit
  • Drinking Keurig decaf with convenience and ease
  • Decaf coffee tastes different than regular coffee
  • Making Manhattans with Bulleitt Rye
  • The old liquor store in Denny’s neighborhood
  • 2 parts rye whiskey + 1 part vermouth + dash of bitters
  • Old fashioneds
  • Everything I Will Do I’ll do it for You from Bryan Adams - Robin Hood Prince of Thieves
  • The Glory of Love by Peter Cetera
  • I Swear by All 4 One
  • Save the Best for Last by Vanessa Williams
  • November Rain by Guns ‘N Roses
  • Life is a Highway by Tom Cochrane
  • Boys II Men II for Denny and New Edition for Craig
  • Magazines and media, specifically Esquire
  • The Economist, Entertainment Weekly, and Rolling Stone
  • Runner’s World and other magazines that pile up and don’t get read
  • The Berenstain Bears with Ben
  • What podcasts do you listen to?
  • Back to Work podcast
  • Ron & Fez, The BS Report, Freakonomics, Voyage of the Mimi podcast
  • Brian Spaeth’s podcast with Adam Jacobi
  • The Redskins as the Redskins
  • Fender Jazzmaster
  • Epiphone Casino

Aug 15, 2013

Today I decided to talk to Rebecca Meiser who recently wrote a feature for SB Nation on Underwater Hockey

Here's Rebecca's bio:

Rebecca Meiser is a freelance writer living in Cleveland. She's won awards for sports writing, personality profiles, and investigative reporting. A graduate of Northwestern's Medill School of Journalism, her long form stories have been featured in Cleveland Magazine, Tablet, Village Voice publications, and SB Nation. You can find her on twitter @rebeccameiser and on the web at

Here's a video of Roger Bacon playing underwater hockey in 2011.

  • Underwater hockey with Roger Bacon
  • Why hasn’t underwater hockey gone viral yet?
  • A silent sport under the water
  • Michigan State being a rivalry with Roger Bacon and the rivalry
  • Underwater hockey as a recruiting tool for the high school
  • The dynamics of a co-ed sport that limits verbal communication
  • How did she come to write it for SB Nation?
  • Long form pieces at SB Nation
  • Paul Wittekund and his carrying on the tradition of underwater hockey
  • What’s Becky’s relationship to sports, especially Cleveland sports
  • Cleveland is starting an underwater hockey team
  • Jewish athletes in sports

Aug 14, 2013

I couldn't get a proper cold cuts conversation out of Brian Spaeth, so I saw an opening with TD and I grabbed it! Also, make sure you let us know what you think of the two songs I put together as potential replacements for our opening sounder.

  • The Indians collapse
  • Craig tries out two new songs as potential openers for the podcast
  • Is it good enough to just contend late in the season?
  • Do the Indians have any more free agency options in the bank?
  • Dropping the payroll to the bottom of the league in payroll
  • Asdrubal Cabrera probably won’t be in Cleveland next year
  • Where does the growth come from in Terry Francona’s second year?
  • Has Prince Fielder been a problem of a contract?
  • Asdrubal Cabrera as cleanup hitter is a joke
  • Mark Reynolds had one of the strangest seasons I’ve ever seen in my life
  • Lonnie Chisenhall and what he can become or not
  • Nick Swisher and how nobody kills him
  • Chris Perez’ time in Cleveland is just over
  • Could it have been any different?
  • “If I told you in April” arguments
  • Making the playoffs and whether it is a mandate for this season
  • Never changing names in the front office for the Indians
  • Eric Mangini’s draft in 2009
  • Tim Couch’s career
  • Barkevious Mingo and how it’s nice that he’s not pressed into starting right away
  • This could be the healthiest coaching staff we’ve ever seen
  • Paul Kruger and Desmond Bryant
  • Explaining tailgating to your 5 year old son
  • Improvements around Cleveland Browns Stadium

Aug 13, 2013

Brian Spaeth (@brianspaeth) and Craig Lyndall (@WFNYCraig) talk about lots of stuff and also the movie Elysium.

  • Why did I have a viral podcast?
  • Bronie and The Postal Service?
  • Deli meat and why the world accepts turkey over chicken
  • Brian’s thoughts on deli meats
  • Brian’s intimidated by the deli counter
  • Craig offers to show Brian the ropes of the deli counter
  • Who has $150 dinners?
  • Tipping and talking to the deli counter
  • Elysium should have been directed to 14 and 15 year olds
  • World building and how critical we should be of it
  • Jodi Foster’s performance and how distracting it was
  • Jodi Foster seemed to be a caricature of a bad guy
  • Jodi Foster’s facial expressions didn’t seem to have any life
  • Matt Damon was playing a Hispanic character
  • Neill Blomkamp’s goals were high and he failed to reach them
  • Sharlto Copley looked like Kenny Loggins and was really sinister as the villain
  • Spoilers begin and Brian goes in on world building
  • Sweatshops and technology and why people are working in factories
  • The human fixing machines are distributed one per home
  • Elysium made me think of Caprica more than anything
  • Brian fixes Elysium

Aug 12, 2013

Scott Raab (@ScottRaab64) and Craig Lyndall (@WFNYCraig) talk about all the Cleveland sports topics from Bernie Kosar to the floundering Cleveland Indians. Here's what else we talked about.

  • Marketing 101 with Brian Spaeth (@brianspaeth)
  • Bernie Kosar’s comments about Kellen Clemens and the Pope
  • When you take local comments national the context changes
  • NFL AM hypocritically mocks Mark Sanchez after slapping Bernie Kosar’s wrists
  • Wolf Blitzer vs. Walter Cronkite
  • Casa D’Barons memories from Scott Raab
  • Peter King and Jeff Fisher sharing the same agent
  • Nate Jackson’s book and how they worked with the same editor
  • Bernie’s demons and how fair game they are
  • Should Joe Banner have apologized for Bernie?
  • Sports has turned into a reality TV show
  • Johnny “Football” Manziel and Scott’s thoughts on that
  • The hatred for people with money from Manziel to Lindsey Lohan and Paris Hilton
  • Exploring the nature of fanhood
  • Scott Raab interviewing Michael J. Fox
  • George Kokinis and what happened with the Browns is a mythical giant
  • Tom Heckert and the stories of his drinking
  • Eric Mangini’s last season as a Jets coach
  • The Indians and what happened in only a week since Scott and Craig talked
  • Cleveland fans and their “Detroit’s Bankrupt” chant
  • Mike Polk’s hastily made tourism video
  • Away fans going to games
  • Do you try to draw attention to yourself as an away fan?
  • Jason Giambi’s players only meeting after the Tigers sweep
  • The Indians haven’t added the one star in the past five years
  • Choose disgust over anger
  • The WFNY comment section and how we try to keep it better
  • Why is the podcast uncensored when WFNY is not?

Aug 9, 2013

Denny Mayo @dennymayo and Craig Lyndall @WFNYCraig do the casual Friday thing talking running, the post office and Denny's relationship with Ohio's sports fans.

  • Morning coffee
  • Movie quote guys vs. unoriginal people
  • Craig’s worst ever running glory story about the older guy in wind pants
  • Denny’s five miler race in Media Pennsylvania
  • Aiming for a sub-7 pace in a five miler
  • Not wanting to get beat by a 50-something uncle
  • Under 20 minutes in a 5k
  • Fake competitions within a race
  • How fast can you run a mile?
  • Denny’s post office story
  • The growing standards of the day
  • The post office hires their own mechanics
  • Have you ever seen a broken down UPS truck?
  • The word signage and how I want to “fire it into the sun”
  • Bronies who like My Little Pony
  • Trying not to disparage others for their hobbies
  • How old were you when you realized you would hate dating an 18 year-old?
  • Anime convention
  • How’s Denny’s relationship with Ohio sports fans today?
  • Being a walking elitist with no justification

Aug 8, 2013

Brian and I talked about a lot of things today other than the movies. Check out Brian on Twitter @brianspaeth or at his website

  • The Plain Dealer laying off employees
  • cutting delivery dates
  • the future of the newspaper business
  • 2 Guns movie review
  • Is Mark Wahlberg somehow underrated?
  • Brian Spaeth takes a bathroom break
  • The Indians attendance issue and how contentious it is on twitter
  • NBA Twitter vs. NFL Twitter vs. MLB twitter
  • The Wolverine and whether it needed to be made or not
  • Michael Bay movies
  • Should Darren Aranofsky have stayed on Wolverine?
  • Craig is lazy about putting plugs in his show notes
  • He shouldn't be so lazy with his show notes

Aug 7, 2013

On Mondays I talk to Scott Raab, but I don't talk to WFNY's own Scott nearly often enough. We found some time to do it up podcast style. We discussed Chris Perez, and the Browns' salary cap situation.

  • Ariel Helwani and his awesome video blog show setup
  • Jamison Hensley’s video from Berea was an embarrassment
  • Chris Perez and his meltdown against Detroit
  • Scott Sargent is in the bag for Chris Perez
  • Chris Perez loses games in big big spots
  • Mariano Rivera and Craig Kimbrel
  • Carlos Carrasco, Danny Salazar and Fausto Carmona as failed closers
  • Craig thinks Jonathan Papelbon is good looking
  • Chris Perez not talking to the media last night
  • Did Perez let his teammates down by not talking?
  • Francona has a history of taking up for his guys
  • The Perez marijuana case and how that’s impacting fans
  • Perez’ bed and how he made it
  • Not wearing the scarlet letter and also not condoning bad fan behavior
  • Alex Mack and his extension... where is it?
  • You would take Alex Mack over Mark Sanchez 100 times out of 100
  • How hard would it be to replace Alex Mack?
  • Browns extending Christian Yount for five years
  • Are the Browns thinking about extending Joe Haden?
  • Could this be the last season for D’Qwell Jackson in Cleveland?

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