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Hosted by Craig Lyndall, the Waiting For Next Year podcast is about Cleveland sports mostly. Other topics include the media, culture and anything else we feel like talking about.
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Jun 28, 2013

Wow, did Denny and I cover a lot of ground. Or did we cover no real ground at all? I prefer to think the former, although the biggest news of the day - the 2013 NBA draft - went completely undiscussed. Still, there was a lot there, which is what we aim to do on casual Fridays.

  • Potty training and how to teach the kid to go
  • Coffee and Scott Raab calling my Keurig
  • Brewing temperature of the Keurig
  • Grinder vs. pre-ground coffee
  • Joe Rogan and his Onnit coffee
  • Buying raw coffee beans that are green
  • About 20 minutes to roast the coffee, but 12.5 minutes of pure roasting time
  • Using the Whirley Pop to roast coffee beans
  • A French roast coffee bean and just how dark it is
  • The Aeropress coffee maker
  • Google Reader replacements
  • Covering Mangini’s NFL draft where they traded out of Mark Sanchez for Alex Mack
  • Jacob and Denny played chicken with the NFL Draft weekend
  • Beat reporters and whether or not they’re born or created
  • Applauding the Supreme Court is an odd phenomenon
  • Steve Jobs was almost apolitical
  • Washington D.C. residents don’t have representation in Congress
  • Having recall of what you said a long time ago
  • UFC pay per views and what time they start
  • Cutting the cable TV out of your life
  • Not watching any filler on TV anymore
  • Do you watch TV with others on Twitter?
  • USMNT and the Columbus Crew soccer games
  • Hector Marinaro, Otto Orf, and Kai Haaskivi with the Cleveland Force

Jun 27, 2013

Kirk and I took the last opportunity before the draft to talk about all the possibilities. I also signed off by saying "Don't drink too much" so there's that.

  • The Kevin Love rumors and what that might have meant
  • Quantity vs. quality and Bill Simmons’ thoughts that four quarters don’t always equal a dollar
  • The trade rumors with the Pelicans and Greivis Vasquez
  • Do you think Chris Grant’s board is really so equal at the top or is it all smoke?
  • The Thomas Robinson trade rumor for the #19 pick
  • Houston trying to make a run for Dwight Howard
  • Thomas Robinson was supposed to be NBA ready
  • Nerlens Noel and the concerns about him
  • Noel might be an athlete and not a basketball player
  • Does Alex Len have the chance to be Hibbert?
  • Could Alex Len be Rick Smits?
  • Anthony Bennett and what he can be for the Cavs
  • Anthony Bennett’s dribbling ability and three point shooting ability
  • Victor Oladipo and his chances of being the number 1 pick
  • Victor Oladipo has the highest floor of any of the top six
  • Defense translates from college to the NBA
  • Ben McLemore and the Ray Allen comparison
  • Otto Porter from Georgetown
  • Otto Porter has the potential to be a complete basketball player
  • The Tayshaun Prince comparison
  • Sergey Karasev and the chances to have him with Dallas’ pick

Jun 27, 2013

Brian was on vacation this past week, so I don't think he ever got around to seeing Monsters University. As a result, I replaced him this week with my son Ben who saw Monsters U in the theater with me. It was Ben's first ever movie in the theater, so I figured I'd just throw a few minutes together with him. He was probably better than I was on this podcast.

Jun 25, 2013

I was very happy to be able to get Joe Kotoch to join me a few days before the NBA draft. You should know Kotoch from his website and also his work at and his twitter account @probballdraft.

  • Joe Kotoch and where he came from
  • Sports law and agency work
  • and their mission
  • NBA fans getting better at looking at the draft analytically instead of emotionally
  • Chris Grant and his ability to keep his secrets this year
  • Teams typically don’t play games with the first pick
  • The Cavaliers want to trade the pick, but they can’t get anyone to pay their price
  • Should the Cavaliers be keeping the price this high?
  • Can the Cavs get LaMarcus Aldridge?
  • Can the Cavs get Shawn Marion or Paul Pierce?
  • The CBA, salary cap and luxury tax
  • The Miami Heat and their incentive to trade Chris Bosh
  • Kevin Durant and the agency switch?
  • Jay-Z, Rich Paul and CAA
  • Does Kevin Durant’s place in OKC seem in doubt now?
  • What do rookies choose when they pick agents coming out of college?
  • What was behind all the negativity surrounding Nerlens Noel?
  • College players and their winking side deals
  • How scary is the representation to a guy like Chris Grant?
  • Do the Cavs think they should be further along in their own development?
  • The Cavaliers keeping Jamahl Mosely who developed Tristan Thompson
  • Can the Cavaliers count on Anderson Varejao?
  • Would anything in this draft shock you three years from now?
  • The Cavaliers and 2014

Jun 24, 2013

Scott and I had a conversation over the weekend prior to the podcast in which we decided it was time to see if there's a greater purpose that we can serve. With all the news of LeBron James, Josh Gordon, Greg Little and Tristan Thompson last week, we decided to discuss whether or not Cleveland fans need to redefine who they are. We've lost our way. Our organizations, from owners and players are more temporary than we are and it is time to stop letting everyone else define us. We need to define ourselves.

  • LeBron and his legacy is secured now
  • Can we let storylines unfold?
  • Did this cement the Spurs legacy?
  • Do the ends justify the means?
  • Magic Johnson and how much butt he kissed of players during the finals
  • Philanthropy and who the most generous people in the world are
  • The word genius and the senior superlatives
  • The quarterly earnings announcements and Apple
  • Tax avoidance in corporate life and “branding”
  • Josh Gordon and Greg Little hanging with the Heat and “branding”
  • Let’s assume that they were down there trying to do business
  • Tristan Thompson and Rich Paul hanging out with the Heat
  • Cleveland sports fans have lost their way
  • Browns fans didn’t lose their identity when the team was left
  • We need to define ourselves and who we are as fans as something more than victims
  • The fans and their fandom will outlive all the players and owners
  • Scott Raab and his conversation with Dwyane Wade
  • Cleveland internalizing the worst of their self-image
  • Tom Brady and wearing the Yankees cap around Manhattan
  • The symbol of Dan Gilbert’s original sin was LeBron’s Yankee cap at Jacob’s Field
  • You can’t indict players for their personal relationships or who they want to associate with
  • Josh Cribbs using Dan Gilbert’s seats and tweeting about LeBron
  • Jim Thome statue is pathetic and it defines Cleveland
  • You can’t define your ceiling as Jim Thome
  • Devil’s advocate, but aren’t we being too overly sensitive?
  • This doesn’t happen in other cities
  • Do the owners ever talk to each other?
  • The letter that Dan Gilbert wrote was truly great
  • Who’s more important to you as a business? Employee or customer?
  • Please let us know what you think.
  • What can we do?

Jun 20, 2013

Amazingly enough I hadn't caught up with Brendan Bowers on the podcast since I relaunched it. So, today I finally did. We talked about the game seven happening tonight in Miami. We talked about the draft and what the Cavaliers should really be focused on as they head into 2013/14.

  • The 2013 NBA finals and what the subtext is
  • The storylines in the game for Cleveland
  • Watching the two very best teams in the NBA right now
  • Could the NBA benefit from a shorter schedule?
  • Spreading the game out to 50 games
  • Does the game come down to the three point shot tonight?
  • Does it just come down to the supporting casts?
  • Manu Ginobili was awful in game six and great in game five
  • What do you think of the referee storyline with Joey Crawford
  • Should Joey Crawford have ever reffed game six?
  • LeBron James can set the tone at times without stuffing the stat sheet
  • 2013 NBA draft and what the Cavaliers should do
  • Bowers took Otto Porter
  • The healthy relationship that the Cavs fans and media have with the draft process now
  • The Cavs overvaluing the #1 pick in trade talks according to rumors
  • What are you looking for the Cavs to achieve should they trade the pick?
  • In his third year Kyrie Irving deserves a chance to make the playoffs
  • Are we looking at risking the maturity of the roster or are we risking Kyrie Irving leaving Cleveland?
  • The sense of urgency to the sense of patience

Jun 18, 2013

I love chatting with Tom Reed from the Plain Dealer. I am continually pushing the boundaries of topics with him and lo and behold he ended up pushing the boundaries for me by giving me an assignment for our next podcast. He has vowed to get Cleveland talking about Trailer Park Boys. So check it out before I talk to him next time.

Also be sure to check out his article on Browns lineman Joe DeLamelleure and his walk for charity.

  • Alec Scheiner and the Browns had to cancel the Bon Jovi concert

  • Is this a Bon Jovi problem or a Cleveland problem?

  • The Browns and leaving the news cycle to the public’s imagination

  • The public relations difficulty all the way back to Colt McCoy’s concussion and Mangini’s mural

  • The Chuck Klosterman article nightmare

  • Do you think the Browns are discouraged by their luck so far?

  • Alec Scheiner’s willingness to get out in front of the PSL story

  • The success of the USMNT soccer game in Cleveland this year

  • Getting soccer into Cleveland after Randy Lerner sells the team

  • Is it hard to be a soccer fan and being tasked with explaining it to people all the time?

  • People starting to cheer nice exchanges of passing

  • ESPN’s decision to put soccer on their channel isn’t an accident

  • Clint Dempsey is a good player no matter where he’s playing in the world

  • I can’t picture the Browns doing Hard Knocks on HBO

  • Would the Browns do it if they stabilized their team for a few years in a row?

  • Marvin Lewis and his long-standing tenure

  • Jason Isbell and how people who don’t like country like him

  • The Drive-by Truckers and how the roots are more in rock

  • Jason Isbell and how he avoids the pitfalls of cheesy country

  • Ryan Bingham and the Trailer Park Boys

  • Former Browns player Joe DeLamielleure

Jun 18, 2013

I can't sugar-coat it. This movie wasn't anywhere near as good as Brian and Craig's expectations. Brian definitely had more issues with it than Craig, but neither thinks the franchise is without a future, necessarily.

  • Brian pre-rated Man of Steel as a 9 and ended up at a 4
  • Taken and how it was ripped apart by Jim Norton
  • Superman is the iconic archetype superhero and must be protected
  • My three year old knows Superman and will never not know him
  • Tone, plot and character.
  • Screwing up the character of Superman
  • The portrayal of Krypton was great
  • Clark as a wanderer of the earth was also great
  • Jonathan Kent and his confusing lessons to Clark
  • Teaching Clark to watch people die
  • The action overload in the film
  • The film series isn’t dead
  • Henry Cavill was pretty good as Superman
  • After Earth and Man of Steel ending with bad jokes
  • The brutality of comics as writers tested the boundaries of taste
  • Should the Superman universe have had the same tone as The Avengers?
  • How could they have fixed Man of Steel?

Jun 18, 2013

This is the end got generally good reviews around the country and also from Brian and Craig. Here's why...

  • Seth Rogen still has a cool factor that hasn’t died down yet amongst his hardcore fans

  • The Apatow universe

  • Danny McBride and his ability to steal this film

  • The Exorcist scene didn’t disappoint surprisingly enough

  • The Emo storyline with Seth Rogen and Jay Baruchel was a bit annoying

  • Playing parodies of themselves and how the improv worked so well

  • Emma Watson, Michael Cera, and Rihanna cameos

  • The technology of the action was really good

  • Very consistent comedy and very good
  • Reviewing the Grown Ups 2 trailer
  • Adam Sandler's career

Jun 17, 2013

Here's the second part of my monday morning podcast with Scott Raab where we talk about some more sports. Please let me know if you appreciate me breaking it into episodes or if you liked just having one longer one.

  • Michael Irvin hates Joe Thomas’ rank on the top 100
  • The difference in opinion between ESPN and their misery montage
  • The ESPN 30 for 30 on the negative Cleveland sports history
  • Mike Polk and his hastily made Cleveland tourism video
  • Michael Irvin anecdote from when Scott profiled Troy Aikman for GQ
  • Danny Green and the fact that the Cavaliers didn’t keep him
  • Scott’s article about Danny Green and how it’s not a Cleveland story
  • Danny Green and Coby Karl
  • Using all this evidence to be wary of the Cavaliers and Mike Brown going forward
  • Cavaliers draft rumors via Sam Amico and Jason Lloyd
  • How will Dion Waiters feel if the Cavs draft Ben McLemore?
  • Spoelstra starting Mike Miller
  • Scott Raab on on the NBA playoffs

Jun 17, 2013

This week I broke my conversation with Scott Raab into two parts. This first one is about 35 minutes. We discussed the following.

  • Jason Whitlock and how half the people hate him

  • Does Whitlock troll?

  • The reaction to Jason Whitlock has been pegged

  • How old were you when you got your sense of entitlement?

  • Finding racists on twitter and putting a microscope on them

  • The racist Boston Bruins fans on twitter

  • Roger Goodell and his letter to Congress over the name Redskins

  • Redskins is like the n-word?

  • There’s no way to defend Chief Wahoo and the old caricature

  • Mumia Abu Jamal and the death penalty

  • You have to leave people room to come to your side in a debate

  • Jason Whitlock pisses me off sometimes, and that’s OK

  • Terry Pluto and the mantle of Hal Lebovitz

  • Stephen Strasburg and his change of speeds

  • Corey Kluber vs. Jeremy Sowers and David Huff

  • Father’s day and how worthless a father is in the early part of a kid’s life

Jun 14, 2013

Always good to catch up with the Browns observations with Nate Ulrich from the Akron Beacon Journal. Here's all that we discussed.

  • How good do you feel not having to talk Tebow?

  • Bill Belichick out to prove he doesn’t have to talk about anything.

  • Gregg Popovich and how he just defies everyone to do what he wants.

  • Ray Horton’s new attacking scheme and how evident it might or might not be at this point

  • T.J. Ward in the box a bit more, maybe like Troy Polamalu?

  • Ray Horton’s Phoenix radio station and how it was going to mirror that of the Steelers

  • Maybe Horton’s change in tune is to avoid player comparisons from Pittsburgh

  • Josh Gordon and the league’s CBA that limits the fact-finding

  • Dawgs by Nature post about changing to Drew Rosenhaus and the timing with the change

  • Joe Haden and his change to Drew Rosenhaus as well

  • Davone Bess and his ability to fill in for Josh Gordon

  • Davone Bess replacing Josh Cribbs as the leader of the wide receivers

  • Fullback and Cleveland Browns and Vonta Leach

  • Leach’s agent talked to Mike Lombardi but no visit was scheduled

  • No real interest on the Browns’ part

  • Owen Marecic’s future and Brad Smelley’s future with the Browns

  • Browns had two backs in the backfield a lot including Ogbonnaya and Hardesty together

  • The Brandon Jackson signing and how weird it was

  • The injury history of Trent Richardson and at the RB position in general

  • If there was one position group where the Browns might supplement the roster, which one would it be?

  • Chris Owens, Buster Skrine, Leon McFadden all battling it out opposite Haden and in the nickel

  • Brandon Bogotay and his competition with Shayne Graham

  • Expected player extensions and why we haven’t seen any just yet

  • Mike Lombardi said it was “a little early”

  • Moving training camp to 4-6:30 PM and how packed camp has been anyway

  • Fan experience and how important it seems to be to the new regime

Jun 14, 2013

Denny and I decided to do a casual Friday podcast and it went in all sorts of directions. Here's what we discussed.

  • Holding back podcasts and why it doesn’t make sense

  • Magic Hat and how many I drink

  • 21st amendment Back in Black IPA

  • Eagle rare 10-year bourbon

  • Kamchatka vodka

  • Making bitters and what exactly they are

  • Bitters aren’t a mixer as much as they’re an additive

  • Growing basil

  • Selling Bonsai trees in Solon

  • Soccer and how people want you to prove that it’s good to watch

  • The American Outlaws and how awesome they are

  • USMNT vs. Germany in RFK

  • USMNT vs. Belgium in FirstEnergy Stadium

  • Field turf and learning to play soccer on football fields

  • Kids and what kinds of expectations you have for your kids

  • Sigur Ros and Jonsi - The Tallest Man on Earth

  • Jason Isbell and his new streaming album

  • Ryan Bingham and Crazy Heart

  • Queens of the Stone Age’s new album

  • The National’s new album and the ambient sound similar to Explosions in the Sky

  • Iron and Wine and the love of horn sections

  • Sam Beam and his growing career

  • Kiss Each Other Clean

  • Glen Hansard, Marketa Irglova, The Swell Season, The Frames and Once the movie

  • The Drive-by Truckers

  • The neighborhood store and how the local hardware store should thrive

  • Denny’s hardware store burnt down

  • This is the End with Brian Spaeth

Jun 13, 2013

A Joncast! It's been too long since I caught up with Jon and we talked about a whole host of topics from sports to television to Captain America filming in Cleveland.

  • ScarJo kissing Chris Evans

  • The cost/benefit of the movie filming in Cleveland

  • Traffic and the luck of Clevelanders with their rush hour

  • Do you have a “list” with your wife? If so, is it real?

  • Amanda Seyfried and how my wife would approve

  • Jon’s theory that the Indians should have traded Chris Perez and Asdrubal Cabrera this off-season

  • Personally judging an athlete and having it skew your analysis

  • Jose Valverde and his ability to ruin a good team

  • The money assigned to Brett Meyers never made sense

  • The weakest link of the Indians is the starting rotation

  • The Indians losing streaks didn’t seem to be possible for this kind of streaking

  • Do strikeout prone teams make themselves more susceptible to a losing streak?

  • Codeine and the facts of the situation

  • Collectively bargained rules and what’s going on in the NFL

  • Drug testing and privacy grounds

  • Cycling and the dirtiness of it

  • Performance enhancing vs. healing

  • The ethics of giving NFL players “the spike”

  • The witch hunt on players who did nothing but make everyone happy by using

  • Bud Selig being complicit and now having to drop the hammer on drugs

  • Mad Men and Don Draper’s blatant unlikeability now

  • Can Don Draper ever be sympathetic ever again?

  • Can they plan the third act so that Don Draper becomes a better man at the end?

  • Once you get used to the charisma of Don Draper and Tony Soprano what are you left with?

  • The moment of adultery and its wide-reaching implications

  • The sexiness of the advertising industry and how it also fell downhill

  • Wanting Goodfellas to end before it jumped off the rails

  • Zero Dark Thirty and Band of Brothers

Jun 10, 2013

Scott started off the day making fun of my Keurig machine. After that we talked a lot about sports and a bit about neckties and contrived fashion.

  • Keurig machines and how communist they are

  • Neckties and bow ties

  • The idea that the necktie is a marker at all is strange

  • The band concert uniform

  • Suspenders vs. belts

  • Gallagher and an impromptu balloon animal show for porn stars

  • Dwyane Wade and his short pants

  • LeBron James and “The Block”

  • The Beatles were New Kids on the Block before they were

  • Brody Baum and the Chris Perez debacle

  • It’s hard to lose this many baseball games in a row

  • Bullpens are the most volatile things in baseball

  • Rafael Perez and Betancourt fell off year over year

  • People feeling alienated from baseball

  • The Gus Johnson effect and whether it could hit baseball

  • Bruce Buffer and his brother Michael Buffer

  • Owen Wilson’s alleged suicide attempt

  • Josh Gordon and his problems

  • The two game suspension and what it means

  • Codeine and whether or not you could know about it

  • The cultural awareness of codeine and how it’s tough to claim ignorance

  • The marijuana culture and how we’ll look back on it

  • Dehumanizing the opposition

  • National service and if we could really implement it

  • The ESPN-ification of sports

  • for sports commentary with Scott Raab

  • The Raab Factor

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