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Hosted by Craig Lyndall, the Waiting For Next Year podcast is about Cleveland sports mostly. Other topics include the media, culture and anything else we feel like talking about.
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Apr 30, 2013

In a final breakdown of the 2013 NFL draft, Brendan Leister goes over the Browns' performance.

  • Barkevious Mingo and whether or not the Browns grabbed the right guy
  • Passing up the trade with New Orleans
  • The lack of stats in college for Mingo
  • How did LSU use Mingo?
  • Cornerback and Leon McFadden
  • Ray Horton and where he’ll use Barkevious Mingo
  • Mingo working on the same side as Desmond Bryant
  • Jabaal Sheard and his versatility
  • Leon McFadden and whether he can be the #2 instantly
  • Browns trading picks and how they did value-wise
  • Shamarko Thomas and how good he can be
  • Thomas’ recklessness and potential for staying on the field
  • Slaughter and his chance to start over Tashaun Gipson
  • Kerry Rhodes and whether they should call him
  • Armonty Bryant and his character issues
  • Garrett Gilkey from Chadron State
  • Davone Bess and just how solid he can be
  • E.J. Manuel

James Carpenter and Bruce Irvin in the first round in Seattle

Apr 29, 2013

Scott Raab wasn't enthused this morning after the Browns' draft. Craig is cautiously optimistic about the value and strategy. Both finish by saying, "We'll see." 

  • The Browns’ strategy and value

  • Scott’s dismayed by the Browns draft

  • Attacking the quarterback vs. filling defensive backfield

  • Are the corners really too short?

  • 20+ players are going into their second year

  • 15+ third year players

  • Joe Banner and his credit for success

  • Should the Browns have traded their fourth rounder to the Steelers?

  • What are the Browns’ goals for wins in 2013

  • Re-hiring Mike Brown and Scott likes it

  • Doing due diligence on Phil Jackson

  • Mike Brown growing and changing

  • Halftime adjustments and getting better

  • Is Kyrie Irving going to learn how to play defense?

Apr 26, 2013

Dave Bryan from helped me break down what everyone in the AFC North did in the first round of the draft.

  • Barkevious Mingo and how quickly he can make an impact

  • Ray Horton and whether he can teach these guys the system

  • Jabaal Sheard converting

  • Paul Kruger and Desmond Bryant and their implementation into the defense

  • Ahtyba Rubin and his future

  • Paul Kruger’s brother Joe Kruger

  • Steelers pick of Jarvis Jones

  • Can Jarvis Jones set the edge in the NFL?

  • Is there a bigger winner than Andy Dalton?

  • Tyler Eifert and the Cincinnati Bengals

  • The departure of Ed Reed and the call for Matt Elam

  • Ozzie Newsome and the Ravens strike again?

  • What’s next for the Steelers? Justin Hunter? Robert Woods? Eddie Lacey?
  • Joe Flacco's contract

Apr 24, 2013

Brendan Leister has been working his tail off since December getting all the draft info together that you can possibly handle at - He shares a little bit with us.

  • Kenny Vaccaro from Texas

  • Tyler Eifert and whether the Browns could take him

  • Dion Jordan and just how good he can be

  • Barkevious Mingo and whether he’ll be a better pass rusher than Jordan

  • Bust potential in the top ten Sharrif Floyd

  • Value later in this draft?

  • Tight end, safety and corners

  • Offensive skill positions and what the Browns might do

  • Andy Dalton and quarterback purgatory

  • Dee Milliner and the injury situation

  • Honey Badger and where you would consider taking him?

Apr 23, 2013

Nate Ulrich's first appearance on the podcast was a good one. We talk about what it's like to be a beat writer, and also some more specifics about what to expect from the Browns on Thursday.

  • Covering the Browns and how it’s been over the last four years

  • Jimmy Haslam’s approval at the ownership group

  • Pilot Flying J scandal

  • The layers of management in Berea

  • Fan negativity and paranoia and distancing yourself from it in the professional capacity

  • Solving pass rush or corner first?

  • Trading down

  • Rob Chudzinski and the read option

  • What does Nate have in his provisions for the marathon draft weekend beat?

Apr 22, 2013

It's the weekly check-in with Scott Raab with plenty plenty plenty to talk about with the bombings, firings and FBI investigation that all occurred last week.

    • Houston Astros in the American League

  • The Boston Marathon news playing out online

  • New York Post and their mis-identified suspects

  • The terror of the citizens of Boston

  • Milking the emotion of the audience

  • Cable news vs. Twitter vs. Reddit for news attention

  • Crowd-sourcing on Reddit

  • False Flag conspiracy theories

  • Personal tweets

  • Jimmy Haslam and his FBI investigation

  • Will Jimmy Haslam own the Browns this time next year?

  • John Compton and his outlook on being replaced

  • In a vacuum, Jimmy Haslam would have been a good owner

  • Phil Jackson is coming to Cleveland!

  • Would you run Chris Grant out for Phil Jackson?

  • Analytics and Mike Brown

  • Who made the call on Byron Scott’s firing?

  • Eric Mangini and history’s look back on him

Apr 21, 2013

Andrew and I talked about Byron Scott before we talked about Pearl Jam. Then I posted the podcasts out of order. Talk about trippy! 

  • Byron Scott and his firing with the Cavs

  • Losing with a lack of style

  • Camp Scott and running his players ragged

  • Jason Lloyd’s article about player complaints

  • Metrics and Byron Scott

  • Was Byron willing to listen to the front office?

  • Mike Brown and the potential for his second stint with the Cavaliers

  • Public perception and how that plays into it

Apr 20, 2013

Please feel free to post your favorite Pearl Jam songs in the comments. As always, these are personal lists.

Andrew’s list...

  1. No Way

  2. State of Love and Trust

  3. Alive

  4. Given to Fly

  5. Present Tense

  6. Off He Goes

  7. Corduroy

  8. Blood

  9. Porch

  10. All or None

Craig’s list...

  1. Alive

  2. Given to Fly

  3. Corduroy

  4. Rearviewmirror

  5. Black

  6. Porch

  7. Release

  8. Amongst the Waves

  9. Glorified G

  10. Not for You

Pearl Jam - Not for You - (Saturday Night Live... by runehede

Apr 19, 2013

  • Jimmy Haslam and Pilot Flying J

  • How does it impact the Browns?

  • What can the NFL do for themselves?

  • The PR hit of having an NFL owner like Haslam

  • This is not a Cleveland story

  • Roger Goodell has to answer to Cleveland

  • Football fans just want to win football games

  • Cleveland fans inescapable obsession with ownership

  • Pro Football Talk and their ban on Wonderlic score news

Apr 18, 2013

At the end of this podcast we talked a bit about Jon's post about the Boston Marathon.

  • Jason Giambi and his lead-off homer as an Indian

  • Giambi’s double bird

  • Joe Haden and the Yahoo! reported financial scam

  • Kareem Abdul Jabbar and his diving show appearance

  • Pensions and retirement vehicles

  • Being trained to be a cog

  • Office Space and how you don’t need money not to do anything

  • Are fans complicit with athletes spending habits?

  • The NFL’s rookie symposium

  • Salary Caps and splitting up the pot

  • The NBA salary cap situation and what it should be

  • The quality of baseball vs. the revenues

  • Drafting vs. spending in free agency

  • Boston Marathon

Apr 17, 2013
  • Buzzfeed and their content strategy

  • Driving to Target with Brian

  • Craig lets the dogs in

  • Buzzfeed, Myspace and Digg

  • Turner buys MySpace

  • Marissa Meyer and Yahoo!

  • Cleveland Plain Dealer culture change

  • Social media presence and whether it’s necessary or not

  • Creating a buzzfeed parody

  • Game of Thrones premiere buzzfeed meme

  • TV recaps

  • Browns game recaps

  • NFL Browns Draft party at Map Room

Apr 15, 2013

  • Ann Coulter at a Mets game

  • Quitting smoking

  • Josh Hamilton and quitting chew

  • Nolan Ryan and his critiques of him quitting mid-season

  • Humans breaking addiction

  • $123 million for Josh Hamilton

  • Cavaliers and trying to compete this year

  • Kyrie Irving and the Uncle Drew campaign

  • Flukey injuries and Kyrie Irving

  • Parsing failure

  • Huge leads and no-shows and blowing games

  • Tiger’s penalty and non disqualification

Apr 12, 2013

Hey everyone, this is not a typical WFNY podcast. We decided to go lifestyle with the latest episode and talk about cooking and running and stuff. We'll call it a casual Friday.

  • Barbecue vs. grilling

  • Stack the charcoal

  • Fuse method / wick method

  • Pork shoulder

  • Pizza kettle pizza oven

  • Deadspin’s grilled chicken recipe

  • Deadspin’s mac and cheese recipe

  • Cast iron skillet deep dish pizza

  • Running a half marathon at a slight heavier weight and losing minutes

  • Denny and the Big Sur marathon in California on the Pacific Coast Highway

  • Injuries and their tendency to linger

  • Age and worrying about injury

  • Craig recounts his marathon walk-off

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Apr 11, 2013

Tom Reed makes his first appearance on the WFNY Podcast to talk to me about his journey to the Plain Dealer. 

  • Commuting from Columbus to Cleveland
  • The underwhelming NFL draft
  • The Colt McCoy trade
  • Joe Banner and accountability
  • Mike Lombardi's hiring
  • The Cleveland Cavaliers' abysmal defense
  • The silence from Chris Grant and Dan Gilbert 
  • Byron Scott's future 
  • Hiring a defensive coordinator for the Cavs

Apr 9, 2013
  • Les talks about his history in the Cleveland market
  • The freedoms and restrictions of being a self-reliant show producer
  • 17 years of More Sports & Les Levine
  • Mark Shapiro's statements about winning on Les's show
  • Splitting up the Browns' radio rights between WKNR and 92.3 the Fan
  • The Browns regimes and how quickly we get negative about them
  • Cell phone service at ball games and if we ever thought that'd be a valid storyline
  • Les's great show-ending tagline vs. my abysmal one

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