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May 29, 2013

Kirk wrote a fantastic article exploring the trade market available to the Cavs and I wanted to go over it and push him further on it since it has been out there a few days. Of course we also talked about some other stuff like Dwight Howard.

  • Kirk’s NBA Draft Rumors article
  • Being an eighth seed and the pains of it 
  • The finishing of one three year plan and starting another to compete for a title 
  • Oklahoma City trading Harden one season too early to Houston 
  • Should OKC have played one more year and taken a CLE deal? 
  • Did people expect Harden to be as good as he’s been this season in Houston? 
  • Demarcus Cousins and how scared we all are of him 
  • Luol Deng and why he might or might not work
  • Joe Johnson contract hell
  • Deron Williams and the Brooklyn cap space situation
  • Dwight Howard and whether or not you can gamble with him
  • Would you take a chance on Dwight Howard with the Cavs? (hypothetically) 
  • The Dream scenario and how Kevin Love is not a possibility 
  • What if the Cavs do nothing? 
  • How coachable are the Cavs’ young guys like Kyrie Irving, Tyler Zeller and Tristan Thompson? 
  • Missing Delonte West and loving his game
  • Ben McLemore and Nerlens Noel and who they can become