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Hosted by Craig Lyndall, the Waiting For Next Year podcast is about Cleveland sports mostly. Other topics include the media, culture and anything else we feel like talking about.
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Dec 30, 2013
Scott Raab couldn't be finished with the WFNY Podcast for 2013 after what happened over the weekend, so we decided to do one more in 2013. We touched on all of the obvious topics including...
  • Scott Raab talking about the Browns
  • Dumpster fire’s use in the mainstream
  • Joe Banner and the ego that goes with firing Chud
  • Jimmy Haslam’s role in the firing
  • The informational path from Mike Lombardi to the media
  • How should fans react to this today?
  • Was Rob Chudzinski the wrong guy for the job?
  • Rob Chudzinski’s own issues and how they impacted his own firing
  • Tony Grossi’s post about Chud refusing to cut Greg Little and Shawn Lauvao
  • Professional sports leagues are cartels, not pizza parlors
  • Scott: “We’re prisoners, not customers”
  • Is there anything Haslam and Banner could say for Scott?
  • Media should have an adversarial relationship with the front office
  • The Kyrie Irving situation is going to end the same way the LeBron one did
  • The Art Modell move continues to haunt coverage of the Browns
  • Andrew Bynum, the media and the Cavaliers’ future
  • Brian Windhorst continues to be one of the best Cavs beat reporters
  • The Kyrie Irving scenario and how it’s playing out

Dec 27, 2013
Denny and Jon and I talked about lots of stuff.
  • Denny waiting out the baby
  • The water breaking isn’t always totally obvious
  • Is Denny uniquely qualified compared to Craig to handle the birth in the hospital?
  • Birthing classes and how strange they are
  • Converting movies onto iPads
  • Am I breaking laws when I back up movies to my iPad
  • Re-reading books through iBooks that you read as a kid
  • Spotify and how it works for artists
  • Scooby Doo and how Ben loves it
  • Do you watch the Oscars?
  • Do you care about them?
  • Going to the movies
  • Jon doesn’t even like movies anymore
  • The Christmas without family while waiting for Arfie
  • Skype calls to get home for the holidays
  • Jon’s Christmas at home
  • Protecting the home Christmas so the kids can wake up in their own house
  • Do you like to drive for the holidays?
  • The chemist looks at ingredients
  • The look of horror that a mom gives to a dad
  • Moms who do researching

Dec 24, 2013
The very best Browns sports talk that money can buy, but you get it for free! I finally got Mike Burgermeister of back on the podcast to talk through the Browns' miserable season. We talked about all the failings.
  • Cleveland Browns podcast with Mike Burgermeister (
  • The Joe Banner press conferences
  • How do the Browns show accountability in a year where nobody needs to be fired
  • The cap rollover money that Tom Heckert left $12 million
  • How does the NFL cap rollover work?
  • Counting the Cleveland Browns’ holes
  • Does D’Qwell Jackson hold the team back?
  • Fixing the offensive line
  • Offensive guard and whether the Browns can fix it in a year
  • Not having scouts in the room
  • Barkevious Mingo and whether or not the Browns should have drafted him
  • How many games did the Browns think they could win?
  • Do you like the coaching staff?
  • Chud was their third choice
  • Did Banner turn off Chip Kelly?
  • How desperate are the Browns going into next year?
  • Could the Browns franchise either Alex Mack or T.J. Ward?
  • The Browns’ 3-4 and whether they like Ray Horton’s version of it
  • Colt McCoy is still better than Brandon Weeden

Dec 23, 2013

There really wasn't much of an email to Scott yesterday as I was driving to Pittsburgh to see Mansions play at The Smiling Moose. So, here's the rundown. Scott and I talked about the Browns and what their season means in terms of what they are and accountability. 

We talked about Scott going to see a play with Jeff Goldblum, who he is interviewing for Esquire. We talked the continuing infighting that seems to be occurring with Cleveland sports fans.

Dec 20, 2013

Denny's nearing the pregnancy finish line and we talked about that, international travel, swimming and plenty of other stuff.

The pregnancy “go bag”

The difference in animals when your wife is pregnant

Babies breaking ribs in their mom

International travel and whether or not you want to do it

Denny talks about Paris and this series from The Atlantic

Travel vs. setting up shop

Kids flying for the first time

What do you actually remember vs. what’s made up via stories that you’ve heard

Underwater headphones and listening to music while working out

Swimming vs. biking and whether Denny can ever do a triathlon

The contents of the go bag

Dec 16, 2013

Scott and I had another good chat this week running down all the Cleveland sports stories worth talking about. As usual, here's the email I sent to Scott on Sunday night...


Hope you had a nice weekend. 

Some thoughts this fine Sunday evening...

The Browns should know conclusively that Jason Campbell is a nice backup and nothing more. Probably better than Seneca Wallace and Jake Delhomme, so not a candidate to be the long-term starter. Maybe they really did know this all along as he was consistently their last choice all year until they mercifully concluded that Weeden couldn't play either. 

Edwin Baker ran hard and it didn't leave me impressed with him as much as I'm shocked that the Browns haven't been able to find guys to run the ball with that level of energy all the time. Even Brandon Jackson seemed to run with more urgency than Willis and Fozzy. Seems like it should be easy to find, although maybe it's confidence. Confidence is something rarer. 

I loved Mike Brown getting himself run from the game while standing up for his guys against MIA. NBA reffing is whatever, of course, but it was symbolic for him as head coach. The Cavs are currently playing like they might not despise each other. That's a step up for these Cavaliers. 

Do you remember a good CLE sports team that did well and seemingly despised each other? Albert Belle's time with the Tribe might be the closest thing I can think of in my lifetime, but I don't know that Belle's teammates disliked him. 

The longer we go in the offseason, the more I think there's a chance Ubaldo will be back. Do you want him back, and if so how much? 

Lastly non-sports... I'm currently reading the first fantasy book that I've read in a long long time. The Lies of Locke Lamorra by Scott Lynch is the first book in the Gentlemen Bastard series. I'm trying but it might not be for me. It takes place on a fictional planet and I get so bogged down in fake city, race and country names that I think I ruin it for myself. 

Can you do fantasy / sci fi? Is there a specific kind of fiction that you seek out more than others when looking to read?

Talk to you tomorrow.

Dec 13, 2013

Denny and I talked about a variety of topics today including old people listening to metal music, cooking devices like stainless steel pots, getting Christmas gifts in older age, traffic cameras, Internet friends, EZ Pass and a whole lot more! Hope you enjoy!

  • Old people listening to metal
  • Deafheaven and growing up metal
  • Gift giving or inventory fulfillment
  • Circular saw and stainless steel pots
  • How do you choose pots and pans?
  • 5.5 quart saute pan
  • 10” cast iron skillet and 10” cast iron griddle
  • Traffic enforcement cameras and people who drive well
  • The will of the people
  • Denny conquers my argument about traffic cameras
  • EZPass and Craig’s EZPass violation
  • Breezewood should be abolished
  • Making Internet friends into real friends
  • Sleeping on Internet friends’ couches
  • The Internet breaking down barriers to being friends
  • Home improvement fads and whether you’ve done them or not
  • Grey walls in houses
  • Exposed brick wall
  • Glass tile backsplash

Dec 11, 2013

Talking to Brian Spaeth is almost always a good time. I thought maybe this one would be depressing because he's such a big Paul Walker fan. Still, this felt more like a celebration of Walker than a funeral. We talked about Cavs basketball and other stuff too.

  • Brian Spaeth’s love for Paul Walker
  • Brian’s love for the Fast and Furious films
  • Paul Walker compared to Keanu Reeves
  • What to do with the Fast and Furious movie franchise
  • The Boney trolling podcast and Brian’s response to it
  • AOL Chatrooms and civility online
  • Comedians and snark and freedom and originality
  • The Sound of Music and hate watching stuff
  • Aging out of the snark and negativity
  • Twitter being the specific group of hardcores
  • Enjoying the Browns bye week
  • Brian’s Cavs podcast false-starting
  • Praising Kyrie Irving and needing to be careful about it
  • Is Kyrie Irving the next Stevie Francis
  • Is Dion Waiters the next Vinnie Johnson?
  • Tristan Thompson as John Hot Rod Williams
  • Sitting in awe of TD’s piece about the Browns vs. Bears game
  • Charlie Manson and serial killers
  • Candy Crush addiction and how much money you spent

Dec 9, 2013

It was a nice chat with Scott Raab today. As I expected, he refused to entertain any "loser talk" about referees and bad calls. He's right of course, but I tried to drag the conversation that way anyway! We also talked about the Indians rotation and whether they'll sign someone. We talked about the Cavs and their growing chemistry. We also talked about how he doesn't feel much of anything for the Buckeyes and how my generation does.

As usual, here is the email I sent Scott ahead of the podcast...


I will have to formulate my thoughts about the Browns game over the evening. I hate to spend a lot of time talking about referees, I just don't think it can be avoided this week. Sometimes when a ref makes a meaningful call at a meaningful point in the game and blows it against the visiting team at the end of a game... It just can't be avoided.

My only criticism for Chud today is that he didn't fire on all cylinders in post-game comments about the referees. He's got these guys still playing and he's obviously inspiring them. I think he's done a hell of a job as a rookie head coach and probably for any head coach. Still, I'd have loved him to earn his first NFL fines this week.

We've never really talked about the Buckeyes, but whenever the Buckeyes and Browns lose in the same weekend it's tough. I'd kind of forgotten that the Buckeyes could lose, which is a testament to their last two years of play. Ohio State headed to the Orange Bowl to face Clemson.

This little tidbit from 11Warriors had me thinking...

"The game will be played nearly 35 years to the day from when former Ohio State coach Woody Hayes punched Clemson linebacker Charlie Bauman in the Gator Bowl, leading to Hayes' dismissal at Ohio State. That game, won by Clemson 17-15, is the only meeting between the two schools."

I'd be interested in your thoughts on that if you have any to share. That's before my time, but I obviously was told the story and have seen it referenced numerous times over the years.

Of course we can touch on the Cavs as well. The Indians are basically idle.

That's what I've got so far.

Dec 9, 2013

It's a Joncast. What else is there to say?

Do the Cleveland Browns losses actually happen everywhere?

The great screw job of 2013

The referee already had the flag out

Should Chud have gone for two?

What is a catch in the NFL and how do you decide what is or isn’t?

Should the Browns have challenged Rob Gronkowski’s catch?

NFL referees are more capable than they’ve ever been

The rules themselves are really suffering

Losing hurts more than it helps make a draft better

What would Pierre Garcon have become if he played with the Browns?

What does today’s game say about Rob Chudzinski

The moneyball part of football with coaches

The Eric Wedge Seattle Mariner storyline (

The first time firing the people you hired

The savior complex amongst sports fans

Relying on faith as a sports fan vs. looking for tangible results

The 2012 first round NFL draft and how far it will set the team back

Carlos Carrasco and how he belongs in the bullpen

Carlos Carrasco’s personality for closer

Can a fan base ever get to know Cody Allen?

It isn’t brave to be the Yankees. It is brave to spend like the Yankees in Cleveland.

Hate tweeting and hate watching The Sound of Music Live

Suffering through “How I met Your Mother”

Dec 6, 2013

This week's casual Friday Podcast with Denny was a lot of talk about Cleveland and it's development. We talked about the land bridge from at the Horseshoe casino and also the city's deal with the stadium.

Hanging out in downtown Indianapolis for Thanksgiving

Not traveling with a pregnant wife

Spatchcocking a turkey

How big a turkey fan are you?

Denny’s slashed tire

Denny painting with a stencil

The Long Winters

When a record label holds together with like bands

The Cleveland music scene

The development of Cleveland as a city

How do you pronounce Oregon?

Landbridges, casinos and Cleveland

Regionalism and where Cleveland needs to start

Taxes, stadiums and Jeff Saturday

The Washington Nationals stadium

D.C. United playing at RFK

Dec 4, 2013

Today after writing a post striking back at someone who I thought attacked me, so I decided to go after one of the pre-eminent Cleveland trolls, Boney. He and I have had our ups and downs and I wanted to talk over his trolling comments on Twitter and what he looks to accomplish. And as a Detroit fan, I also wanted to pick his brain on what Detroit is doing this off-season and how it might end up for them and for the Indians as they continue to chase the Tigers in the Central. (Also, Brian Spaeth there was intermittent mention of you during this podcast, so you'll want to listen.)

What's the point of trolling

What reaction do you hope to get?

Trolling Jason Kipnis

Trolling Scott from WFNY

Talking Tigers baseball

Prince Fielder trade

Doug Fister trade

Shin-Soo Choo to Detroit?

The Cleveland Indians' moves

Jason Kipnis and how good he can be

Lonnie Chisenhall and his upside

Dec 2, 2013

It was a somber sports day on Sunday and this is what resulted. 

The real highlights of this podcast for me are:

1. Talking about the Artie Lange book "Crash and Burn" that I'm reading

2. Talking about a Cleveland sports fan who lives in Colorado and has a really great rock band called Instant Empire. I closed today's podcast with his band's song, "Keep Up!" and hope everyone enjoys it half as much as I did.

Here's the email I sent Scott yesterday


After traveling to Indianapolis this weekend I don't have a long email in me.

I did catch the Browns game on my phone on the way home via slingbox.

The future is a pretty amazing place to be, really.

I've had it with smug Browns fans who act like winning now isn't important with the offseason lined up with draft picks. Had it! It's nice and all to have hope via picks but you can't count on anything until they prove they can win. This team shouldn't be favored in any game the rest of the year. That's a disgrace no matter who is injured.

We can talk about the Cavs too. We seem to know more about the Waiters / Thompson screaming match.

I'm reading Artie Lange's book which is the most graphic addiction story that I think I've personally read. I'm unsure if there's any discussion there, but I thought I'd mention it on the chance.

That's what I have for now. Talk to you tomorrow.

Nov 26, 2013

Hate week and what chances Michigan has this year

What’s happening at Michigan?

Is Michigan engaged in a process or is it off the rails?

Al Borges and the Michigan offense

Comparing Devin Gardner to Brandon Weeden

Losing the four overtime game to Penn State

Michigan’s struggles against Akron and Connecticut

But Michigan couldn’t mount a game against the Ohio State defense?

Ohio State and who they are compared to who they will be down the road

Ohio State and how they compare to the national schedule

Cleveland Browns vs. Steelers debacle

Are you OK with it if they’re going to do it right?

Trent Richardson trade and what it signaled to fans

Brandon Weeden getting booed

The culture of booing and if it’s allowed or if it’s ever allowed

Nov 25, 2013
It was another awful week in Cleveland sports. It was so bad in fact that I don't think Scott or I could even muster up any anger over it. When you get lulled out of anger and into straight depression, it doesn't mean it's any easier. It's just sadder.
Anyway, here's the email I sent to Scott on Sunday night before we recorded on Monday morning...
I was at the Browns game today. We don't need to spend too much time on that. It's over. The season is over. They'll be favored against the Jags, but I wouldn't bet on the Browns to beat any other NFL team right now. 
I'm missing next week's game driving back from thanksgiving. I normally rally the family at 6 AM to leave Indy so we can make it home in time for kickoff. Not doing it for this team. It's the first time that I'm missing a game in a long time and I really don't even care. I don't hate this team but I've never been with less passion in my life. 
Jhonny Peralta signed a 4 year deal for more than $50 million. Would Asdrubal get that today if he was working free agency? Plus this is the second straight year that a PED user went and got a deal after a suspension. Melky Cabrera last year. 
Taking the anger out with regard to the Cavaliers, what do you do if you're Dan Gilbert? I know he's not a sympathetic figure really, but what do you think he's thinking and feeling right now?
Last but not least, I saw a really great movie filmed in Chagrin Falls. The Kings of Summer starred Nick Offerman, Megan Mullally and some great unknown younger actors. While Cleveland / Chagrin Falls wasn't really a character in the film, it still have me pride. Local producer doing good work. Surprisingly funny. 

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